Ars Moriendi


ITERU, in Japanese, means "to be frozen over." Well, that aptly describes well this new […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
December 18, 2018
Iteru - Ars Moriendi album cover

ITERU, in Japanese, means "to be frozen over." Well, that aptly describes well this new project. There is no sun here...only darkness. Here we have a four-track EP, which was released digitally in January this year. But we had to wait almost the entire year to get a bite on a physical copy of this excellent album "Ars moriendi".These European guys (from Belgium) remain silent about their identity for now. But rumors says that they're from other(s) black metal band(s). "Through the Dust" starts it all with an atmospheric bleak ambiance, showing no mercy to the tiny light that remains after only a few seconds away from entering this realm of despair. It's mainly Doom Death, but not the one you're used to...I'd say the blackened one. This is well done, calculated dementia and hollow filled adventure.

The guitars are working together to add multi-levels into that dark confinement that is ITERU. The vocals are unmerciful, harsh cavernous and dirty. This isn't the everyday death doom we're used to.We are living a death worshiping experience and I mean my words. It is more than music, it lurks into the vastness of the occult experience it is a ritual demonstration and this is brilliant. "Salvum Me" is my favorite  track: eight minutes of a pure journey into the realms of death self-proclamation and purification. These four songs aren't an EP. They are a journey into our darkest inner conscience manifestations. The way it was recorded was very important and crucial for getting that ultimate rendering. Stay tuned for this nice bleak and cold project as they plan to tour Europe soon. It is a matter of time they get recognition within the subterranean territories of Doom amateurs. So now that I'm possessed by this project, the best i can do is to wait for what's to come in the near future. Doomed we are! Doomed we must! Helter Skelter productions are a label to have an eye on.

8 / 10









"Ars Moriendi" Track-listing:

1. Through the Dust
2. We the Dead
3. Salvum Me
4. To the Gravewarden

Iteru Lineup:


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