Sign Of Angels


ISSA is not just a band; it is a shortened version of the woman's name […]
By Jonathan Maphet
September 18, 2010
Issa - Sign Of Angels album cover

ISSA is not just a band; it is a shortened version of the woman's name who happens to be the main focus of the album. Her full name is Isabell Oversveen.She has created a good pop Metal album. Most of the songs have power chords in them, but not enough to qualify as Heavy Metal. It's not Top-40 Avril Lavigne fluff either. The musicianship is solid. Frontiers Records doesn't sign untalented performers. They have a long and storied history signing good bands. They are a great label and ISSA picked a find place to start. "I'm Alive" is already a hit song, or so I have been told (Press Release).

The market is completely saturated and flooded with beautiful female pop stars/singers. They are everywhere. So that being the case, does Issa have anything to offer? I would have to say yes. She isn't just beautiful, she can sing very well and has a solid line up on her album and she is more "Metal" (as soft as it is) than any other woman I can think of as a solo artist besides just one: Tarja. Having said that, this reminds me of how Tarja Turunen's solo career started. It's very soft as far as Metal music goes. I didn't expect that from Tarja, but Issa has no history like Tarja had, so it isn't as shocking or as disappointing. All the songs are catchy and about the same in terms of length.

I know it's pretty formulaic, but I imagine that it was done this way simply to be on the safe side. Only time will tell if she has a harder side to her music. I don't blame her for playing it safe. If your first album bombs, you're often done. She has had help from some pretty powerful people in the metal scene: Jocaim Cans, Thomas Vikström, Daniel Flores and many others. Issa has previously worked for GAIA EPICUS and ILLUSION SUITE. The press release says "...and many others" but doesn't go into detail. I assume she has a great pedigree to be given a deal on Frontiers Records.

This is a really good pop Metal album. If you like the lighter side of Metal sang by a devastatingly beautiful woman; then you will be pleased by "Sign Of Angels". I guess the only complaint I have is moot, which is the music is too soft. That is personal taste only and has nothing at all to do with the actual quality of the album. Music this soft isn't my cup of tea, but it isn't bad music. If you are into this genre, I can't imagine you being disappointed with this new album. I like to support new artists as much as I can. I feel ISSA deserves some support by followers on this genre.

7 / 10


"Sign Of Angels" Track-listing:
  1. Angels Crying
  2. I'm Alive
  3. Give Me a Sign
  4. River Of Love
  5. What Can I Do
  6. Closer
  7. Unbelievable
  8. How Will I Know
  9. As I Live and Breathe
  10. Flying High
  11. It's Not Me
  12. Fallen Angel
Issa Lineup:

Issa - Lead Vocals
Peter Huss - Guitars
Tim Larsson - Keyboards
Nobby Noberg - Bass
Uli Kusch - Drums

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