Infinite Fields

Irreversible Mechanism

As probably one of the most critically acclaimed albums released in 2015, IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM's "Infinite […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
April 28, 2015
Irreversible Mechanism - Infinite Fields album cover

As probably one of the most critically acclaimed albums released in 2015, IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM's "Infinite Fields" is a massive, epic construction of blistering Death Metal, comparable to MECHINA's "Acheron" (and as a throwback) THE FACELESS's "Akeldama." This is a technical, industrial, and symphonic Metal masterpiece and is likely to rank on a lot of peoples' top ten lists for the year. Hailing from Minsk, Belaruse, this trio of concept album masterminds seemed to know exactly what the hell they wanted to do when they set out to write and record new music.

Every single fucking thing about "Infinite Fields" screams legendary in the making. There was a period where Internet Metal outlets were giving high praise to it, and in terms of what is hot on the market, it could not have enough hype about it. The magnitude, power, and fury in the music are nearly unparalleled.

For those who are hungry for a voice similar to that of NECROPHAGIST, then this is a good place to start. For those who are also hungry for top-shelf Death Metal song structures with percussion tracks that will assault your eardrums with the utmost of vigor, then they are in for a treat as well. But if you are looking for generic, tasteless nickleshit, then I suggest you come back when you are ready for music worthy of praise and appreciation.

This album has many appealing elements; from those blast beats that pummel the senses to the enigmatic aura cast by the atmospheric tonality to the music. There are even some piano (such as in "Cold Winds"), organ and instrumental parts (refer to "Irreversible Mechanism") to add to the scope, giving it a beastly presence. The beginning of "Into the Void" gives off a Black Metal impression but quickly becomes something more in line with what the rest of the album sounds like.

The sheer epicness of "Infinite Fields" cannot be overstated and if the songs were wind, it would be the swirling, furious vortex of Jupiter's Great Red Spot (a giant hurricane twice the size of Earth). I would not hesitate to call this album "god-tier" material, as it sets the bar for what is possible to be so intense and still be considered Death Metal. IRREVERSIBLE MECHANISM are gaining respect from every facet of the Metal community, and rightfully so. They have certainly earned mine, in the form of an almost intergalactic music system called "Infinite Fields"!<

10 / 10


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"Infinite Fields" Track-listing:

1. Irreversible Mechanism
2. Into the Void
3. Outburst
4. The Agony
5. Infinite Fields
6. Incipience
7. Fragile
8. The Betrayer of Time
9. Cold Winds

Irreversible Mechanism Lineup:

Vladislav Nekrash - Music, Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Programming, Production
Yaroslav Korotkin - Music, Vocals, Bass, Lyrics, Concept, Production
Lyle Cooper - Drums

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