Iron Savior

When it works it works, and it is undeniable. Ever since their emergence, and even […]
November 17, 2020
Iron Savior - Skycrest album cover

When it works it works, and it is undeniable. Ever since their emergence, and even prior to their powerful grip upon the world of Metal, a kind of grip that I feel that is yet to be truly appreciated, IRON SAVIOR have been running around a singular formula of how to write German made Power Metal. It might sound and appear easy, yet record after record, that miraculous attention to details, with every bit of factor in its proper place, richness comes alive right there in your face to consume your soul.

Piet Sielck, which is the generator of the savior machine, the protector, keeper of everything that is true, not just mankind but the sake of Metal music and its heritage, never left that forged path that he first took back in 1996 as IRON SAVIOR.  Listening to the star player track, "Souleater", of the band's new album, "Skycrest", released via AFM Records, drove me instantly back to the song "Iron Savior" from the debut, nonetheless, with double the power of the iron fist that has been integral within the band.

With the rising "Skycrest", Sielck and Co. actually proved that they have nothing to prove to the worldwide Metal scene, they crafted their way to create Heavy Metal that is both heavy, crunchy, addictive and that simply works every damn time. Taking into account additional tracks as the werewolf meddling melodic piercer chugger "Silver Bullet" and the Immortal story, which made think of the late sir Sean Connery, "There Can Be Only One" and the hero's bound clincher "Ode To The Brave", it is right there, that honesty, truthfulness that makes Metal music so great, and once again IRON SAVIOR are spot on.

On the other hand, and don't worry it is a good thing, there is something a little different, the balladry of "Ease Your Pain", which unlike amazing power ballads such as "Break It Up" or "Made Of Metal", it is touchy, sensitive and innocent in its own way, with the band's bass player,  Jan S. Eckertdisplaying amazing vocal delivery that comes like a breath of fresh air against Sielck's usual, yet energetically astounding, raspy tones of sheer power. Even though it is a slight break of the usual, it gave that little edge to the entire setting of "Skycrest" to come into fulfillment.

After such tremendous albums, and yes I know that I could be butchered to even rate the IRON SAVIOR albums, as let's be honest, all of them are at the measure of awesomeness, but I do believe that "Skycrest" is side by side with "Iron Savior", "Kill Or Get Killed", "Titancraft", "Condition Red" and "The Landing". Once again, completely honest Metal, nothing to prove, simply laying it down in your face, into your brain.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Skycrest" Track-listing:

1. The Guardian
2. Skycrest
3. Our Time Has Come
4. Hellbreaker
5. Souleater
6. Welcome To The New World
7. There Can Be Only One
8. Silver Bullet
9. Raise The Flag
10. End Of The Rainbow
11. Ease Your Pain
12. Ode To The Brave

Iron Savior Lineup:

Piet Sielck - Vocals, Guitars
Joachim "Piesel" Küstner - Guitars
Jan S. Eckert - Bass
Patrick Klose - Drums

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