Shadow Of The Red Baron (Reissue)

Iron Mask

IRON MASK have a unique sound that that is a bit of a blend between […]
By Chelsea Jennings
April 12, 2016
Iron Mask - Shadow Of The Red Baron (Reissue) album cover

IRON MASK have a unique sound that that is a bit of a blend between classic Rock bands such as RUSH crossed with a modern style of Power Metal all of their own. "Shadow Of The Red Baron" seems to be some anthology of a battle or war, and opens with bullets raining down over an aircraft on the opening track "Shadow Of The Red Baron". Other appropriate war-like sounds come into play on other tracks as well.

Topics of other songs relate well to "war-like" themes as well. "Dreams" speak of some fictional paradise that will never come to pass in the real world. "Forever In The Dark" is about the world we really live in where there is no hope of things getting better anytime soon. "We Meet Again" understands how we can run, but never really escape from those we are fighting, or those who are our foes. "Only The Good Die Young" reminds us that the people who are taken from us at young ages are the ones who were the good people. It reminds us of the injustices of our world that will likely never be resolved long as life is as we know it today.

IRON MASK do a great of artfully mixing the sounds of Classic Rock and Power Metal together with a war-themed album along with the concept of this red baron that is behind the entire machine as they release their latest album on the world. The world better be ready.

Songwriting 9

Production 9

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Shadow Of The Red Baron (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Shadow Of The Red Baron

2. Dreams
3. Forever In The Dark
4. Ressurection
5. Sahara
6. Black Devil Ship
7. We Will Meet Again
8. Universe
9. My Angel Is Gone
10. Only The Good Die Young
11. Ghost Of The Tzar
12. Fifth Son Of
13. The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Iron Mask Lineup:

Mark Boals - Lead Vocals

Dushan Petrossi - Guitars/Lyrics (Writing)/Musical Composion/Orchestral Arrangements
Vassili Moltchanou - Bass
Ramu Ali - Drums

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