Iron Knights

Iron Knights

IRON KNIGHTS is a Heavy Metal band from the UK.  They list some of their […]
April 23, 2014
Iron Knights - Iron Knights album cover

IRON KNIGHTS is a Heavy Metal band from the UK.  They list some of their influences as Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and AC/DC.  This self-titled album contains eleven tracks.

The opening track is entitled "Transparent". You can hear the traditional New Wave of British Heavy Metal influence here quite strongly. The song is carried forth by the main riff, and the chorus is featured.  Had you told me the band was from England during the early 1980's I would have believed you. "Vicious Circles" continues in this vein, with perhaps a bit of early Thrash thrown in as well.  A nice guitar solo compliments the song as well.

"A Chapter's Lesion" is nicely done, a power ballad of sorts. There are some delightful chord progressions and a really emotional chorus.  I like the tentative yearnings in the song "Genocide" as well. It builds slowly and darkly, and a well-placed riff change following the second chorus adds some texture to the track.  They hold back just enough to keep things interesting here.

A really crafty riff opens the track "Cry For Help". Sometimes I have trouble hearing the bass in the mix here however.  Vocal harmonies in the chorus make the song a strong anthem for the album. "Blind" moves along swiftly, with a more intricate riff that moves up and down the neck with sterling precision.  Sometimes I feel the instruments could benefit from some "thickening" in the production.  This track in particular would sound really well beefed up a bit.  In the next track, "Bloodstorm", Jamie's vocals are more earnest, trading off between shouts and cleans, always with some angst.  The closing track, "Jericho" is more energetic, and put together nicely.

Overall I would say that this is traditional heavy metal through and through.  They perform well, but I just don't hear anything new or varied here.  Sometimes the sections of the songs suffer from a seamless flow, which again could be a production issue. There are some memorable moments, which lead me to believe that more time together shows promise for the band.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Iron Knights" Track-listing:

1. Transparent
2. Falling From Grace
3. Vicious Circle
4. A Chapter's Lesion
5. Genocide
6. Cry For Help
7. Blind
8. Jacob's Ladder
9. Bloodstorm
10. The Messenger
11. Jericho 

Iron Knights Lineup:

Jamie Gibson- Guitar, Voclas
Wayne Mann - Guitar
Paul "Beam" Robbie- Bass
Larry Patterson- Drums

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