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The band name IOTUNN is Old Norse for 'jætte' in Danish; 'Giant' in English. They […]
February 6, 2021
Iotunn - Access All Worlds album cover

The band name IOTUNN is Old Norse for 'jætte' in Danish; 'Giant' in English. They are a Progressive/Power Metal band based out of Denmark. Formed in 2015, "Access All Worlds" is their debut full-length album, and contains seven tracks.

"Voyage of the Garganey I" is the opening track. Soft, clean guitars build the slow intro, along with some spacy keys. Enter the heavy riff, galloping drums, and harsh vocals. Clean vocals soar in the chorus with some harmonies. A well-done guitar solo graces the song, and vocalist Jón Aldará goes high in the registry towards the end. "Access All Worlds" is an over-11-minute track. It opens with heavy guitar and bass strikes, with clean, melancholy vocals at first. Harsh vocals mix in, and it taken an ambient pause around the three-minute mark, with spoken words. In a genre-defying method, the guitars almost have a Depressive Black Metal sound to them. Harsh, angry vocals mix in, but for me the song is mostly sad. It ends with charming clean guitars.

"Laihem's Golden Pits" is much shorter in length but builds a fast-paced energy with the instruments, and I love that you can hear the bass notes. Angry vocals at first give way to clean vocals, and those Progressive elements come through very clear. Another skillful guitar solo is laid down, with plenty of wah-wah. They remind me a bit of NE OBLIVISCARIS. "Waves Below" is another lengthy track. It begins with harsh vocals and a Power Metal groove. When the guitar solo section hits, the song begins to build sad layers. The clean vocals are so poignant.

"The Tower of Cosmic Nihility" opens with clean vocals and a more relaxed pace. Harsh vocals come in, followed by another grand guitar solo. Jón sings with so much emotion, it's as if he comes through the music and is singing right in front of you. You make an instant connection with him. "The Weaver System" begins with sad, clean guitars. Harsh vocals and aggressive guitars rip into your flesh, with some odd but pleasing guitar progressions. How unique is this band? Lead guitar notes with dancing bass guitar occupy a section around the half-way mark. The harsh vocals return, lashing out, but those melodies remain in the forefront of their songwriting.

"Safe Across the Endless Night" closes the album, and it's a thirteen-minute opus. It begins with the steady thudding of bass and drums, underneath a fast-picked riff. Clean vocals lead the charge here. Bjørn Wind Andersen gives a strong performance on the kit in this song, showing his skill set with ease. Those lead guitar notes carry the melody here for a while, and man is he talented. Harsh vocals come in around the five-minute mark, followed by a very charming ambient passage of sublime beauty. It shifts several times throughout, but the transitions are always so easy on the ears. It closes with a long fade-out of despondent keyboard notes.

These guys are fantastic musicians, and really do a nice job of balancing intelligent songwriting with high levels of musicianship. The level of emotion that they can invoke is impressive. Mostly sad at its core, they blend several genres of music together effortlessly. Jón Aldará has quite an impressive and versatile vocal range, and the rest of the band mates are equally as talented. I had to do a double take here that, of course, they were signed to a major record label. Their talent level proves that alone. How these guys only have 5,000 Facebook fans is beyond me. They should be or are about to be blown up with "Access All Worlds," because it's a game-changing masterpiece for me.

10 / 10









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"Access All Worlds" Track-listing:

1. Voyage of the Garganey I
2. Access All Worlds
3. Laihem's Golden Pits
4. Waves Below
5. The Tower of Cosmic Nihility
6. The Weaver System
7. Safe Across the Endless Night

Iotunn Lineup:

Jón Aldará - Vocals
Jesper Gräs - Guitars
Jens Nicolai Gräs - Guitars
Bjørn Wind Andersen - Drums
Eskil Rask - Bass

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