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Burst the Curse


INVICTUS is a Power Metal brand new to the scene.  As a surprise to absolutely […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
May 14, 2019
Invictus - Burst the Curse album cover

INVICTUS is a Power Metal brand new to the scene.  As a surprise to absolutely no one, they are from Germany which of course has long been a hot spot for the scene.  "Burst The Curse," is the band's recording debut, a very short EP that clocks in around eleven minutes in length.  However, it does the job that I assume was the intention of the band: it definitely wets the appetite and leaves me wanting to hear a full length from these guys as soon as possible. Honestly, I really enjoyed this little EP.  Each of the three songs show a different sound for the band...still rooted in Power Metal but shadowed within different dimensions.  This genre isn't really known for its experimentation so the variety here is rather impressive.

The first track, "Burst The Curse," is begins life as a burst of energy.  Speedy riffs open the song at the speed of light, recalling LABYRINTH on their faster moments.  Soon enough, Nicolas' high pitched wail pierces the wall of metal and the song really takes off.  This dude has some pipes but, as he displays later, isn't just a one note vocalist.  Honsberg and Winter, responsible for those fast riffs earlier, slow the song down to present a melodic mid-section that comes out of left field.  From that surprise, comes another one: a random, insane guitar solo before heading back into the main, fast riffs.  Knobbe and Scharf lay down one hell of a solid rhythm section as well, never letting up for a second.  The song is short, under three minutes, which is a shame because it feels like some of the ideas presented here could had been expanded upon.  Still, a very powerful opener.

The second track, "Gaia," is a ballad, something that is usually expected on most Power Metal albums.  The clean, melodic guitars really expand the song open wide to give Nicolas' a showcase for his lower register voice—he is a very capable vocalist that can do more than just give a really good Rob Halford impression, which is the goal of too many PM vocalists these days. Scharf's melodic bass is the highlight here and keeps the song interesting.  Once again, however, the song feels a bit rushed-it definitely needed a couple more minutes to really find its sound.

"Someone Out There," sounds like the most complete song of the three presented here-and the best.  Riffs, kick ass bass, solid drumming, soaring vocals...it has every ingredient needed to make a great Power Metal song.  It may come off as a checklist but the band pulls it off with such conviction that it doesn't matter.  The overall atmosphere sounds really old school because it has an early IRON MAIDEN vibe too, in no small part to the melodic leads sprinkled throughout. Ultimately, the songs, and the EP itself, need to be much longer but this is an incredibly solid Power Metal effort, especially for a debut.  Providing the band can expand on what they have already established here, I can't wait to see what INVICTUS do in the future.

8 / 10









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"Burst the Curse" Track-listing:

1. Burst The Curse
2. Gaia
3. Someone Out There

Invictus Lineup:

David Knobbe - Drums
Fabian Scharf - Bass
Andreas Honsberg - Guitars
Fabio Winter - Guitars
Nicolas Peter - Vocals

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