Invasion 2023


One thing is certain; the Nordic countries know how to impress. Not only do they […]
By MetalWim
July 19, 2023
Invasion - Invasion 2023 album cover

One thing is certain; the Nordic countries know how to impress. Not only do they have the most incredible landscapes, but they know how to make music in a very impressive way. We all know about the amount of good Norwegian Black Metal bands, Finnish (Melodic) Death Metal bands, without even mentioning all the great Swedish bands that are roaming the earth. But what a lot of people do not realise is that they also know how to rule the more melodic spectrum. Glam and Party Rock are high on their abilities list, and thankfully even Melodic Metal. Like the Norwegian band INVASION are treating us to.

I got the request to review this self-titled album by a friend of mine, and after a first listen I was quite happy to accept, as this is blowing my hair straight off my head. The band consists of experienced musicians that have shared stages with artists such as JORN, Åge Steen Nilsen (Wig Wam) and others. So, you do understand that what you will hear is done by people who know what it takes. The big question therefore is whether their songwriting has actually produced the quality I was hoping for.

I can answer that question with a full-fledged YES, as "Invasion" sounds phenomenal, and the songs are all of a standard that is way above the average. They rock, they swing, but most of all, they grab you by the throat and will not let you go at any time. Like I said, this is pure Melodic Metal, but thoroughly grounded in the twenty first century. This never sounds outdated. On the contrary, this is as fresh as cow's milk straight from the udder.

INVASION somehow has been able to make "Invasion" sound as if it is the first ever album in this music genre, and that in itself is a feat to behold. Don't worry about it getting boring, or there being too many repetitions, because every song stands tall by itself, has the right to be on the album. My only critique is that "Invasion" is only 32 minutes long. I would have liked INVASION to add a few more songs to give the album just that bit more substance. Oh, and why hasn't any record company picked this up yet? Shame on you guys. So, until then "Invasion" is only available digitally. Hey, it's a start. And a very welcome one at that.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Invasion 2023" Track-listing:

1. Turning The Tide
2. Streets Are Burning
3. Arthas
4. Wings Of Steel
5. Acolytes
6. Communication Nation
7. Through The Storm
8. Hell Is Going Down
9. Allies

Invasion Lineup:

Jørgen Bergersen - Vocal
Adrian Sunde Bjerketvedt - Guitar
Thomas Stensrud Gjerlaugsen - Bass
Jørgen Abrahamsen - Guitar
Eiliv Sagrusten - Drums

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