When one thinks of Sweden in regards of Heavy Metal, power and melody should come […]
By James Dean
March 6, 2014
Invade - Reflection album cover

When one thinks of Sweden in regards of Heavy Metal, power and melody should come to mind. That is exactly what INVADE brings to the proverbial table. Enough power to surpass any transient voltage surge suppressor, and plenty of melody to give other Swedish bands such as ARCH ENEMY or IN FLAMES a run for their money. Power Metal galore for this band but with influences from around the Metal spectrum, INVADE has a little something for everyone.

Their debut album "Reflection" encompasses technical skills, vast melody, harmonious excellence and pure heaviness. Lyrical themes throughout surround self-realization and self-prophecy with song titles such as "In Search of Myself" and "I Walk My Dreams". Vocally, both Stefan Jacobson and Therese Gunnarsson are the major contributors to the power on this album, complementing each other outstandingly in harmonies, yet Gunnarsson falls flat compared to Jacobsen within solo voiced sections, but the varied feminine and masculine tones keep the listener intrigued throughout.

As INVADE began as a solo project of guitarist Anders Jönsson, all the guitaring duties were placed upon him of which I can only comment positively on, the plethora of styles, techniques and sounds shall keep many a guitarist hooked and interested. The drums, courtesy of Kevin Tally, accent the fretwork perfectly combining rapid double pedal and Thrash beats with more infectious grooves.

The stark contrast within is vastly enjoyable from the adequately titled "Dark Side of the Devil" gives you a piece of Blackened Thrash whilst still full of melodic character. The deeper undertones combined with soaring chorus' adds a great touch to this memorable track. Where as "Call of the Angels" is your stereotypical Power Metal song with a slight technical twist which is rather refreshing, Jacobson's voice shows its full force which adds to the epic emotiveness that Power Metal ascertains to. Finally to top it off "I'm the One" is the ballad of the album featuring the slowest tempo and least instrumentally condensed which draws it out slightly yet still manages to please in that sway your lighter manner.

INVADE is a band to keep your eyes out for, with such a strong and well presented debut album. The amalgamation of the female and male voice along with the mixture of potent and more reserved vocal traits allows for a grand distinction which sets them apart from many bands.

8 / 10


"Reflection" Track-listing:

1. Welcome
2. The Story
3. Dark Side of the Devil
4. Awaken from the Dream
5. I'm the one
6. As Truth Unfolds
7. The Storm Theme
8. Storm from Within
9. Set You Free
10. Define My Vengeance
11. I walk My Dreams
12. In Search of Myself
13. Call of the Angels

Invade Lineup:

Stefan Jacobsen - Vocals
Therese Gunnarsson - Vocals
Anders Jönsson - Guitars / Bass
Kevin Tally - Drums

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