Without a press sheet, it was difficult to find any information about this band on […]
November 15, 2020
Intervals - Circadian album cover

Without a press sheet, it was difficult to find any information about this band on the web, though they have a big Facebook following. "Circadian" is Aaron's sixth studio release, and contains eight tracks. "5-HTP" leads off the album. It's a quick three-minute track. Melody slaps you hard in the face from the opening notes, and Aaron's guitar playing is brilliant. He really digs deep into strong Progressive elements, including some excellent bass guitar playing as well.

"Vantablack" opens with some more strong melodies and the musicianship is on full display here. The meter shifting is amazing. How many different meters can they possibly squeeze in here? The melodies flow like wine. This is some incredible stuff. "Luna[r]tic" opens with some soft guitar harmonics before the main melody line hits. I don't know what I am in more awe of...the sheer prowess of the instruments or the way they produce these beautiful melodies. This song has all of these elements.

"Lock and Key" features some chugging rhythm guitars under a bed of leads that seem to come off of the page in front of you and shoot into the stars. The polyrhythms here are very strong. Each instrument is doing their own thing, yet they come together in this wondrous synergy. "Signal Hill" is a short three-and-a-half-minute burner that features more of those marvelous melodies to go along with a tight rhythmic section where you cannot comprehend the various rhythms used. It's a very pretty piece overall. "String Theory" feature more of those lovely moments of splendor in the way Aaron composes. He has such a strong sense of how to build melodies, and better yet, when to cut loose vs. when to ride out a melody line for a while. You'll find both of those elements here.

"D.O.S.E." opens with a pretty little melody that turns into a strong and heavy rhythm section. It's slightly sad, but very momentous in its impact. The big and strong chord strikes here will resonate with you for some time. Some sax notes carry the melody for a little while. "Earthing" closes the album. It features some delicate melodies and the skillful guitar playing of Aaron Marshall. He's a beast on the bass as well, and more of that meter shifting is present here. The chord progressions are unusual, and just when you think you've landed, the target moves again to a different spot.

Wow. What an amazing display of songwriting and musicianship. On "Circadian," Aaron showcases two primary elements...his wondrous songwriting skills and his incredible style both with the timing shifts and his sheer prowess on the instrumentation. Although he is a very accomplished musician, he doesn't let that overpower the melodies here, and that is the mark of an intelligent musician. What's not to love here? There are no stones left unturned. It's simply one of the most well-crafted albums that I have heard in a while.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Circadian" Track-listing:

1. 5-HTP
2. Vantablack
3. Luna[r]tic
4. Lock & Key
5. Signal Hill
6. String Theory
7. D.O.S.E.
8. Earthing

Intervals Lineup:

Aaron Marshall - Everything

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