INSURRECTION hails from Canada. "Prototype" is their third release, a follow-up to "Prologue" from 2009 […]
By Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic
October 17, 2013
Insurrection - Prototype album cover

INSURRECTION hails from Canada. "Prototype" is their third release, a follow-up to "Prologue" from 2009 and "Fracture" from 2010.

What`s interesting about this release is that half of the lyrics on album are in French, and other half are in English. Duality in language fits the release, and it serves as the extension to the vocals that are mainly deep growls backed with higher rasps that excellently complement each other, followed by great mix of groove based Death Metal enchanted with technical flourishes.

 "Prototype" is filled with crushing riffs, which start right after opening Industrial style instrumental intro "Overprocessed" and fallow through to the end of the album. While all the tracks seems to fallow the same pattern, the only one slightly different is "Trois Minutes de Carnage". Main characteristic of this release are heavy rhythms, machine-gun like drums and crushing walls of guitar riffs with overall addition of darkness and brutality present in vocals. It could use some more technicality every here and there in the meaning of creating contrasts, but overall it`s a good release.

There are moments when tracks seems unfinished, and places where guitar solo is just what`s missing. When you come to those parts remember that the album is called "Prototype" and maybe that`s exactly why those songs sound that way. It could use some more polishing of the tracks, but that way it would lose its raw brutal force that INSURRECTION proudly present on this release.

The fact that this album was crowd-funded by fans that purchased album in advance says enough about it. 

7 / 10


"Prototype" Track-listing:

1. Overprocessed
2. Abattoir
3. The Chronophobes
4. Checkmate
5. Sueurs Froides
6. Hellfire
7. Trois Minutes De Carnage
8. Archetype
9. Prototype
10. They Rise
11. Bruits Sans Fin

Insurrection Lineup:

Stef Jomphe - Vocals
Mart Samson - Lead Guitar
Vince Laprade S. - Rhythm Guitar
Frank Girard - Bass
Phil M. Lateille - Drums

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