Death March


Sometimes, the best Thrash music comes from the most unexpected places. Take EVILE, for example. […]
By Danny Sanderson
April 16, 2015
Insurgency - Death March album cover

Sometimes, the best Thrash music comes from the most unexpected places. Take EVILE, for example. It would be hard to believe, ten years ago, that a band from Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, could go on to make some of the freshest sounding and interesting Thrash in a good long while, and gain national infamy opening for huge acts, and put the county on the map musically. But that is what they did. INSURGENCY are very much the same, coming out of Lancaster in 2012, and starting to make waves with their debut demo, "Live Insurgency" and now their newest EP, "Death March". Already, off the back of these two releases, they have gained a name for themselves in the North West, opening for much larger acts to rabid crowds. This first EP is likely going to act as the framework for a potential musical legacy in years to come.

The EP's title track, "Deathmarch", is a short song that is nonetheless powerful. It's incredibly raw, blisteringly fast and sounds vicious. Will, vocally, howls and shrieks like a demented Banshee, in a very good way of course. "Terror Thrash Totality" continues in the same vein, with riffs like buzz saws cutting through the majority of the track, along with the rhythmic clatter of the drums, which drive the track forward. The third track, "Tunguska", is a cacophony of sound, with a brilliant solo, and is the very definition of extreme. It's Thrash with a very slight Black Metal edge to it, and it sounds fantastic. "Benghazi" moves forward with a strong, metallic chug that Thrash is renowned for, and the vocals are a cool, grating rasp that work very well with the music. And then we come to "Taliban", which is easily one of the highlights of this entire EP. It's straightforward, razor sharp Blackened Thrash, and at points is going so fast and furious that it teeters precariously on the edge of falling into chaos. Which is not a bad thing, because this chaotic side makes this track very good. The closing track, "Desert Holocaust", is a last attempt at full-blown Thrash ferocity. It's blisteringly fast, with a sharp, Punk edge to it. This manages to capture the essence of Extreme Thrash and reinvigorate it. It's a brilliant, cacophonous way to close this EP.

Of all the Thrash acts coming out of the underground, this is perhaps one of, if not THE, best of the lot. They encapsulate the sound of old school Thrash and Extreme Metal without straying into the realms of nostalgia and completely lifting a bands sound. They have a very unique atmosphere that I think a lot of people will love. If you love Thrash, then definitely check this out.<

8 / 10


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"Death March" Track-listing:

1. Deathmarch
2. Terror Thrash Totality
3. Tunguska
4. Benghazi
5. Taliban
6. Desert Holocaust

Insurgency Lineup:

Will - Bass, Vocals
Malek - Drums
Andy - Guitars

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