Spewing forth their filth again with the release of their second album, INSINERATEHYMN set forth […]
By Laura Glover
May 25, 2022
Insineratehymn - Disembodied album cover

Spewing forth their filth again with the release of their second album, INSINERATEHYMN set forth "Disembodied" on February 25, 2022. This follows their first album released in 2018, "A Moment in Vision". This Los Angeles, California based death metal band captures a solid mix of classic death metal vocals, with some 90's reminiscent instrumentals. This is the kind of ear assaulting, raucous, and raging sound you'd expect to hear on a stage in some seedy back-alley bar somewhere. A stain upon your soul. If hell had a sound track, this would be it. Instrumentally, INSINERATEHYM creates magic! Each player distinctly adds their own, very, masterful flavor to create a sound that's hard to stop listening to. INSINERATEHYM has been gaining popularity in the metal world and it is easy to see why.

"Perpetual Anguish" - Begins with softly plucked guitar notes; and whispery, dark vocals. Like having a demon whisper in your ear while someone softly plucks a soothing note on guitar, and bass. The whispery quality of this song lends a very creepy, ethereal vibe to it. As an opening song, it promises to open the doors to the depths of hell. Wide, just for you! Buckle up, buttercup. "Visceral Ignominy" - Raging with hellfire, filth, and gore. The growly vocals balance out the precision of the instruments as if a well-honed machine. Once again, I find myself wowed by the musical prowess of this band with rich guitar, bass, and drum additions. The instrumental portion about ¾ the way through this song is an epic showcase of how incredible these musician's sound. I find myself entranced.

"Corporeal Inception" - A fast track into the absolute dredges of filthy, muddy, growly vocals raging in time with equally powerful music. A true dance of masters of death metal. Once again, all dazzled so deliciously with screaming guitars, fast paced drums, and incredible bass. "Immolated Ascension" - Blast beats and guttural vocals, this is a very classic death metal style song. Powerful and sure to melt your face right off with the darkest of intentions. INSINERATEHYM is an up and coming, talented, new force in the metal world; and you should definitely give these guys a listen. You know, so you can say you were fans from the beginning. "Disembodied" is a masterful, well written, well performed work of art.

10 / 10









"Disembodied" Track-listing:

1. Perpetual Anguish
2. Visceral Ignominy
3. Corporeal Inception
4. Proliferation of the Deceased
5. Intransitive Sanction
6. Cerebral Malevolence
7. Immolated Ascension
8. Bitter Loss

Insineratehymn Lineup:

Miguel Martinez - Bass
Abraham Garcia - Drums
Demitree Rivera - Guitar (Lead)
Frank Montero - Guitars, Rhythm, Vocals
Nico Poblete - Bass

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