When Roses Fall

Inmost Ego

The summer leaves and fall is taking its place with more atmospheric, dark and melancholic […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 28, 2010
Inmost Ego - When Roses Fall album cover

The summer leaves and fall is taking its place with more atmospheric, dark and melancholic releases being our trustworthy companions for the days to come. Such a release is INMOST EGO's brand new EP "When Roses Fall", which will have to prove it is worth a place in your CD players.

The band was formed in 2005 in Athens, Greece. Its first demo "A Moment Before" received good reviews from the press, being named as demo of the month in a Greek well known magazine. After some line up changes, the band returns with this EP release to show that it's stronger than ever.

INMOST EGO's music is not exactly my cup of tea, since they "belong" to the atmospheric side of Metal. With almost melancholic melodies, down-tempo rhythms and Lina's depressive vocals, the band is probably a damn fine choice for the fans of this sound. But don't think that we're talking about a slow or soft band, since the Athenian quintet delivers some up-tempo aggressive tunes with "Part Of Me" with Lina showing her more extreme side (damn, she sounds like a female of version of ACCUSER's Frank Thoms).

Definitely not a bad release with the band presenting a sample of what's to come probably, but it would be better with a stronger production and the correction of some minor flaws in their sound. Nice one, INMOST EGO...

7 / 10


"When Roses Fall" Track-listing:
  1. Inmost Ego
  2. I Won't Be There
  3. Part Of Me
  4. When Roses Fall
Inmost Ego Lineup:

Lina - Vocals
Miltos - Guitar
Anton - Guitar
Johnny - Bass
Costas - Drums
Abraham - Keyboards

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