Exhume: 25 years of Decomposition


INHUME is a Brutal Death/Grind band from the Netherlands.  With song titles ranging from the […]
November 1, 2018
Inhume - Exhume: 25 years of Decomposition album cover

INHUME is a Brutal Death/Grind band from the Netherlands.  With song titles ranging from the (somewhat) tame "Zombie Grinder" to more extreme examples like "Blood Sperm Shit."  Death Metal is a genre with a lot of variety and depth to it; sometimes I want to hear something technical or maybe slow and destructive. However, sometimes I just want to be pummeled senseless.  INHUME's latest album, "Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition" definitely fulfills that urge. With 34 tracks made up of the band's various demos, splits, and unreleased material, there is plenty here to bang your head until it falls off and rots.

The music contained within is straight up, Brutal Death Metal/Grind. There isn't anything here that will blow your mind with crazy time signatures or make you look deep within yourself and question existence but it will definitely destroy your senses. Extremely fast drums, highly audible bass that wrecks as hard as anything I've heard, guitar riffs that tear into like a bolt of lighting from the sky, and inhuman vocals round out a rather brutal package. A lot of the tracks, especially the shorter ones that are under or just over a minute, remind me of early CATTLE DECAPITATION, in that the songs are short bursts of pure caustic adrenaline.  The whole album is just so merciless and unforgiving—there isn't a moments breather to be found and you'll be blasted from track to the next without so much as a pit stop.   But their talent often times goes far beyond simple goregrind. The longer songs, such as "Forbidden Hunger,"  "Hate/Kill Just For Fun," and "Airplane Crash," hold riffs for days that rival anything by more traditional Death Metal acts with longer structures.

"Virus" was as particularity strong; the mixture of slower and mid paced riffs worked very well with the intense drumming, the whole song eschewing fast as fuck brutal for a bull dozing wrecker..until the last thirty seconds of the song where the band suddenly goes insane, putting more intensity in the last moments than a lot of bands do in whole albums. The later parts of the album really shows how far along the band as come...and they have managed to get even more brutal and heavy with age. A lot of the same tracks are presented over again but they sound like new songs, such is the newfound fury they have bursting outwards from them.

Although I prefer extreme bands to have longer more in depth songs, there is a lot to be said about a band as uncompromising as this.  If you aren't a fan of this style, this album won't change your mind but if this is your thing (and why wouldn't it be?), this band should be on your radar.  I'd love to see what would happen if, much like the already mentioned CATTLE DECAPITATION, they expanded their sound but still....this is definitely an exciting release.

7 / 10









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"Exhume: 25 years of Decomposition" Track-listing:

1. Tiamat
2. Forbidden Hunger
3. Fucking Shit
4. The Missing Limb
5. Tumorhead
6. Squirming Parasites
7. Inescapable Destiny
8. Invisible Death
9. Hate/Kill just for Fun
10. Meatcleaver
11. Blood Sperm Shit
12. Gargling Guts
13. Airplane Crash
14. Human Fucking Guinea Pig
15. Cadaverous Abortion
16. Dead Man Walking
17. Destructive Impulse
18. Schizophrenic Pulp
19. Trapped in Darkness
20. Genital Cancer
21. Bowel Movement
22. Process to Decelerate
23. Fucking Shit
24. Virus
25. Moulding the Deformed
26. Acid Bath (Repulsion cover)
27. Virus
28. Moulding the Deformed
29. Cure for Life
30. Zombie Grinder
31. Prophet
32. Tiamat
33. Invisible Death (Live)
34. Corporation Pull-In (Terrrorizer Cover - Live)

Inhume Lineup:

Loek Peeters - Bass
Ben Janssen - Guitars
Dorus van Ooij - Vocals
Remco Verhees - Drums
Roel Sanders - Drums
Richard Ebisch - Guitars
Johan Dirkx - Vocals
Joost Silvrants - Vocals
Harold Gielen - Guitars

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