After the underground success of the first album, which deconstructed and transfigured the metal genre […]
Inhumankind - Self-Deification album cover

After the underground success of the first album, which deconstructed and transfigured the metal genre in the light of contemporary music and free jazz, INHUMANKIND are back with "Self-Deification", a new chapter in an avant-garde trilogy that is enriched with new nuances. In fact, to the convulsive avant-jazz evolutions of Pablo Selnik's flute and Àlex Reviriego's double bass - the heart of the project - is added the elegant sound of a piano, played by none other than Marco Mezquida, one of the greatest European piano talents. The album contains eight tracks.

"Enantidromia" leads off the album. It's a short intro that begins with the striking of church bells and some background chants. Flute notes along with soprano opera vocals combine with heavy metal elements in most unusual way. "Godspit" hears the flute notes continue. In the realm of "what the fuck," this pretty much takes the cake so far. "Light-Proof" is more of the same. Flute notes combine with bass guitar, piano, and operatic vocals. "Ginnungagap" is another very odd song that features flute in the forefront. It goes from dissonant to melodic in unconnected ways.

"Draining from the Youngest Seeds" is yet another WTF moment. Although the bassist and flute player move forward with a tight synergy, I question what I am even listening to. "Apophis Is" is another really weird song that makes little linear sense. Vocal hums carry the song forward along with solemn piano notes. The flutist and bassist are clearly talented, but what exactly are they trying to do here? "Love Parasite" features another totally off-the-wall sound which refuses to follow conventions. The lengthy "Infaust" closes the album with, you guessed it, more totally bizarre sounds. Whispers float underneath furious flute notes and some standing bass. Some occasional harsh vocals and screams lead to an occult feeling of torture. It grows as it moves forward, like bacteria in a petri dish.

I, Voidhanger has a reputation for some of the strangest music out there. If it weren't for some of the vocal screams, I'm not even sure that you can call this Metal in any way, shape or form. In fact, I'm not even sure you can call this music period. I cannot think of anyone who might benefit from listening to this either, save for a couple totally out-there friends that I have. The cover of the album really says it all...WTF...WTF?

4 / 10

Nothing special








"Self-Deification" Track-listing:

1. Enantidromia
2. Godspit
3. Light-Proof
4. Ginnungagap
5. Draining from the Youngest Seeds
6. Apophis Is
7. Love Parasite
8. Infaust

Inhumankind Lineup:

Pablo Selnik - Flute, Backing Vocals
Àlex Reviriego - Double Bass
Marta Valero - Backing Vocals
Celeste Alías - Backing Vocals
Marc Antolí - Backing Vocals
Eric Baulenas - Vocals
Marcos Martins - Vocals
Marco Mezquida - Piano

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