Flesh Inferno


INHARMONIC was formed in 2007 in Finland and at first the idea was just to […]
By Paulomaniaco
April 6, 2015
Inharmonic - Flesh Inferno album cover

INHARMONIC was formed in 2007 in Finland and at first the idea was just to pass the time and they did not have a bass player until 2008 when Johannes Valkonen joined the band and then things started to become more serious. They went on and played more gigs, as they started to become more active and more skilled too the demand for more songs was just a matter of time and in 2011 they released their first EP called "Ugly" and it was well received by the critics; the band quickly settled in the Death Metal scene as a fine piece with their only style.

In 2014 a new EP was released entitled "Flesh Inferno" and more fine Death Metal was the goal in here, very good album, straight to the point approach and an ass kicker with fine guitars and old school sounds.

Opening the CD is "Flesh Inferno"; very intense with that old school vibe but at the same time quite modern, brutal vocals and fast riffs, awesome stuff, "Pigwaste" carries more brutality on the way delivered with such precision, lovers of DISMEMBER, VOMITORY, ENTOMBED will love this album. Everything works perfectly, heavy bass and fast beats and grotesque vocals and of course pretty fucking good solos, "Consume All" is, again, awesome stuff and is truly dynamic. "Bodies Hung Beheaded" and "Worm Sanctum" end the massacre in style. This EP is one of a kind, production is top notch, song writing, arrangements are awesome and leave you begging for more, artwork excellent, hail to Finland once again for blessing us all with a such fine Death Metal band.

10 / 10


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"Flesh Inferno" Track-listing:

1. Flesh Inferno
2. Pigwaste
3. Consume All
4. Bodies Hung Beheaded
5. Worm Sactum

Inharmonic Lineup:

Sami Pehkonen - Vocals
Perttu Lauronen - Guitars
Erno Hulkkonen - Guitars
Sami Ratilainen - Drums
Johannes Valkonen - Bass

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