Infinita Symphonia

The Italian progressive-powerhouse INFINITA SYMPHONIA return with eleven-tracks of symphonic goodness in "Liberation".  This release […]
By Kevin Burke
January 1, 2019
Infinita Symphonia - Liberation album cover

The Italian progressive-powerhouse INFINITA SYMPHONIA return with eleven-tracks of symphonic goodness in "Liberation".  This release and only their third long player lives up to the expectations already garnished from previous offerings, at times, they surpass even those forecasts of where the band is heading.  They have brought in a string of heavy hitters to solidify their sound, including Blaze Bayley and Ralf Sheepers of PRIMAL FEAR, this time INFINITA SYMPHONIA really mean business.

Opening with "Hope", organic rhythms become hypnotic as the music slowly illuminates the senses throughout the spiraling melodies, a beautiful passage begins into "Liberation".  The real sound of INFINITA SYMPHONIA is highlighted in  track-two, reminiscent of early-twentieth century metal, utterly brilliant and breathtaking in scope. A voyage into all out trash filled warfare lifts as Ralf Scheepers features on "Never Forget", still that level of accessibility is evident even when the band open up into full throttle action.  "Coma", one of the extreme highlights is also a mood filled precision engine, roaring and stuttering as that voice of Luca Micioni guides the direction as if a ship thrown about on stormy seas.

"A Silent Hero" features Bayley delivering an extra dimension of intense excitement to the album, somewhat similar to his acoustic-based wonderment on his own "December Wind", though here there is that crank of distorted guitars to build the tension.  It is however TWILIGHT FORCE vocalist Alessandro Conti who delivers the biggest punch on the album in the magnificent "Be Wise or Be Fool".  Of the three guests Conti brings a menacing angle to the music, an epic-power metal display at its absolute finest. With the title track "Liberation" we get a more eighties-fest of riffs and the drum work of Ivan Daniele stands out against the electric wall of sound skillfully built around him.

The instrumental "Q & A" calls a halt to proceedings, the eleven-minute barrage of splendor is achingly perfect.  There is a string of grime guitar lines as the band shuffles their talented pack of cards, revealing more tricks and surprises to keep the listener hooked and entertained. From start to finish "Liberation" is a very entertaining album, INFINITA SYMPHONIA are a beast of an outfit never falling under the weight of the talent they possess, this type of dense and melodic music does not lose an ounce of its appeal.  There is that added bonus of guest artists, here though not really needed only adding to the musical spectrum of the affair. INFINITA SYMPHONIA themselves have enough energy to keep things moving forward, never straying into monotonous waters.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Liberation" Track-listing:

1. Hope
2. The Time Has Come
3. Never Forget (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
4. How Do You Feel?
5. Coma
6. A Silent Hero (feat. Blaze Bayley)
7. Be Wise or Be Fool (feat. Alessandro Conti)
8. A New One
9. Don't Fall Asleep Again
10. Liberation
11. Q & A

Infinita Symphonia Lineup:

Luca Micioni - Vocals
Gianmarco Ricasoli - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Alberto De Felice - Bass
Ivan Daniele - Drums

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