Apex Predator


Hard Rock and Metal, with a fairly groovy edge and a consistently driving beat; INFINIGHT […]
By Nick Webb
January 17, 2016
InfiNight - Apex Predator album cover

Hard Rock and Metal, with a fairly groovy edge and a consistently driving beat; INFINIGHT are a German band, and this latest release, "Apex Predator" marks their third full CD release (among a handful of promo and demo recordings).

The group's sound is a hard one to pin down. At times it sounds like fairly straightforward gorilla-rock, pounding drums, loud brash guitars etc; then they cut into a raw, energetic and stripped back form of heaviness which would suit overly progressive and virtuosic flourishes. The tone of the vocalist's voice takes a while to get used to, but once there (by about track 3), it suits really well and gives a depth and texture to the music giving it a kind of brutal honesty that very few metal singers either achieve or even try for. He is singing, but at times there is very little movement in the pitches he chooses, and similar to the vocal style of Warrel Dane.

The tracks feel like they weave around, growing and decreasing fairly naturally. Many of the tracks utilise a fairly full dynamic range, often opening with quieter sections, before kicking into a heavier riff. The music is never more complex or extravagant than it needs to be, and often feels pretty held back, allowing the whole thing space to breathe. The solos are melodic and give glimpses to what can be done, while remaining more focused on the overall orchestration. "As Time Goes By", is a fantastic example of this, and a personal instant favourite on the album, epitomising everything that the rest of the album shows off, and even adding an amazingly emotive string section under the slower passages which really lifts the track into the stratosphere. The greatest example of greater technicality is in the fitting solo of "Everdown" which gives the guitarist a chance to really shred.

The album goes through many different sounds and styles, and has some incredible moments. These guys really know how to write a good metal song that stands out from the crowd!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Apex Predator" Track-listing:

1. Apex Predator
2. Creator Created
3. Enforcer (The Fire Deep Inside)
4. As Time Goes By
5. Masks
6. Council Of Fools
7. Everdown
8. Electrolita
9. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
10. Beyond The Apex
11. Conquer Your Heart

InfiNight Lineup:

Dominique Raber - Guitars
Martin Klein - Vocals
Hendrik Reimann - Drums
Kai Schmidt - Bass
Marco Grewenig - Guitars

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