Endless Greed


INFIDUS are a Metal band from Norway/Sweden that incorporate classic and progressive elements with polyrhythmic […]
By Phil Tyler
June 13, 2022
Infidus - Endless Greed album cover

INFIDUS are a Metal band from Norway/Sweden that incorporate classic and progressive elements with polyrhythmic riffs and 'odd beats' (their words). "Endless Greed" is their debut album released on Crime Records.

From the heavy pounding drums and bass of "Infidus", I was impressed at just how well produced this is. The guitars hit heavy on the track and the vocals and lyricism are great and fit perfectly.

"Why am I here
What's the purpose?
Who's the one to blame for this fucking mess?

Where's the Almighty when you need him
Maybe it's all a lie - just show me a slave"

It's a powerful lyric and a representation of the times we are in and the track delivers with a great melodic chorus.

"Locomotive" also has a heavy pounding drum and guitar rhythm.

"Open up your Goddamn mind" sings Mikael before a heavy riff is accompanied by a searing solo.

"Mind Rape" is definitely a favourite track. It starts with a clean guitar which gives way to a polyrhythmic guitar riff accompanied by a haunting lead.

"Infectious words complete this (Mind Rape Mind Rape)
Repeated lies are true (Mind Rape, Mind Rape)"

It certainly has an infectious chorus. There's a gentle return to the clean guitar at the intro before the heaviness returns with a soaring guitar solo. At a little over 6 minutes long it never got boring and I was engaged throughout.

"The Tragedy" has again some nice heavy riffage with a great chorus. The dual vocals work extremely well on this track and in fact on all of the tracks. They never feel out of place and enhance the feel of the songs.

The title track "Endless Greed" starts with an echoey guitar intro before a TOOL-ish polyrhythmic rhythm guitar kicks in. It also has a great chorus.

"Multiply and Die" nicely blends mellow and heavy with again some kick-ass guitar riffs carrying the vocals along.

In a little over 30 minutes, INFIDUS have showcased their potential through some great song writing, an immense production and stellar musicianship. You can hear everything clearly and it all makes for an exhilarating listen. After listening to this twice, I wouldn't hesitate to blast this again and recommend it highly to those who love it hard and heavy with some social commentary for the times we live in.

An excellent debut.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Endless Greed" Track-listing:

1. Infidus
2. Locomotive
3. Mind Rape
4. The Tragedy
5. Endless Greed
6. Beyond The Plimsoll Mark
7. Multiply and Die

Infidus Lineup:

Trond Lund - Drums
Øyvind Østensen - Bass
Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson - Lead Vocals
Øyvind Hetland - Guitar, Vocals
Kenneth Andresen - Guitar, Vocals

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