Infernal Tyrant

Opening up with this rampantly rompy thud of sturdy tempo; this monolithic rampage stampedes with […]
August 9, 2023
Infernal Tyrant - Spring album cover

Opening up with this rampantly rompy thud of sturdy tempo; this monolithic rampage stampedes with rip roaring grinds from dexterously dynamic instrumental soloist Metal Thrashing Mike, "Collision With Reality" bulldozes eardrums with profusely robust tightness & punchline grooves in grindy firepower expertise that's slaying whilst rambunctiously piledriving. Organically nimble & stridently swift, this unique substance distils a chiselling fabrication in hybrid experimentation amongst an amplified adrenaline in boisterously bouncy calamity that's vehemently sonic whilst seamlessly raw to boot. As bludgeoning tonality rumbles with reverberating mayhem & killer maelstrom technicality that's primitively visceral whilst concretely gritty, injecting an infectious bass flicker amongst a hammering drum slam on top... whilst "Maze Of Despair" showcases more volatile meatiness that's progressively technical for good measure.

Vocally speaking; Billy Lyn's throaty shouts soar with raspy barks and guttural distinction; in conjunction with Mike's, both shout with clean but high-pitched pipes that's ruthlessly raging whilst uproariously vigorous. This vivacious slab of solid riffs rivet with rhythmic strikes that pursuit with blistering catchiness and crunchy chunkiness where this punky rev pierces through you with thrashy calamity and attributes in a barrage frenzy of impactfully impulsing frolics, as chugging versatility utilises vehement, synergetic stability that's salubriously rampaging with its uniquely prodigious shrouds of neck-breaking crescendos & towering yet relentless songwriting musicianship that's rigorously distinguished and fluidly polished.

Overall concluding "Spring" with the finale banger "Marked For Death; I am compelled to say that INFERNAL TYRANT unleashed this short but brutally bestial meltdown of trailblazing hooks and groovy assimilations in clobbering foundations of rollicking Thrash Metal mayhem that makes for a good hype upheaval until their next release, bottom line - an enjoyable discovery for a 3-track EP... a diverse boundary contrasts a flamboyant experience within this subgenre that's justifiably worth the spin until the next offering - do check it out - not at all bad for a solo instrumentalist for sure.

7 / 10









"Spring" Track-listing:

1. Collision With Reality
2. Maze Of Despair
3. Marked For Death

Infernal Tyrant Lineup:

Metal Thrashing Mike - All instruments/Vocals (Backing)
Billy Lynn - Vocals

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