Infernal Manes

Infernal Manes

Norwegian heavy metallers, INFERNAL MANES, released a professionally recorded demon back in 2003 titled "Battle […]
By Megan McMillan
March 7, 2015
Infernal Manes - Infernal Manes album cover

Norwegian heavy metallers, INFERNAL MANES, released a professionally recorded demon back in 2003 titled "Battle of Souls" The band disappeared for a while, but suddenly in 2015 their EP got reissued as a limited-edition self-titled vinyl LP by the guys at Edge Circle Productions. This is probably in build up to their full-length debut that should be released later in the year. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal-esque group feature members of TAAKE, DEATHCULT, DEAD TO THIS WORLD and GAALSKAG. But "Infernal Manes" ("Battle of Souls") offers audiences a very traditional style of heavy metal, and even though it was only recorded in the early 00s, the sound is so authentic that it hits the nostalgia button and takes you straight back to the 1980s.

The band plays very much in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal style. It has the same chops as SAXON and DIAMOND HEAD, while the vocals are comparable to Bruce Dickinson. Yet it also has that uplifting energy that Power metal obtains due to the catchy hooks and high ranged vocals. From these six tracks alone the band have shown that their musicianship and song writing matches up to the giants in their chosen sub-genre. Songs like "Infernal Manes" and "The Force of the Power" have some killer, edgy riffing going on. Fundamentally, the band has got that right mix of speed, articulate guitar sections, punky power chords, and memorable melodies that NWOBHM bands are known for to perfection, however.

While everything flows together, their music is not just as high impact as the classic bands and therefore the EP seems a little dreary. It's not a bad effort; it's just average. There are no standout tracks; instead they all blend together into one another and not in a good, DREAM THEATER like way. It's not the actual songs themselves that let the band down here, but the fact that they're all very similar and they haven't quite got that ferocious power that the old school bands managed to achieve back in the 80s. Ultimately, the EP deserves a listen because of the solid song structures, intelligent guitar lines, and for that nostalgia fix; but don't expect it to be as good as the classic stuff. If you want something epic, go and listen to a classic IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST record.<

5 / 10


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"Infernal Manes" Track-listing:

1. Symphony of War
2. Infernal Manes
3. Mind Destructor
4. True Force of Power
5. Battle of Souls
6. Come to the Sabbath

Infernal Manes Lineup:


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