Call To War

Infernal Death

The last several years have seen the revival of myriad extreme Metal acts that, for […]
By Andrew Sifari
April 22, 2015
Infernal Death - Call To War album cover

The last several years have seen the revival of myriad extreme Metal acts that, for whatever reason, decided to call it quits before they really took off. 25 years after the band's original inception, Denmark's INFERNAL DEATH rise from the depths to deliver their punishing debut, "Call To War."

Even without a detailed background on the band's roots, its safe to say this album has been a long time coming. Each of the seven songs appeared in some form on the band's early demos from 1992-93, and, following a 20-year hiatus, they were re-recorded for the 2014 demo "Resurrected." As one might expect, the production of the earlier recordings were primitive at best, so "Call To Arms" serves just as much to do the original compositions justice as it does to kick ass and make a name for the band, which it does.

"Ruin Of Hate" begins the carnage with a steady rhythmic pounding and thick, chunky riffs, galloping with unmistakable energy and purpose. A strong opening effort, it introduces the listener to a sound that is inspired as much by the distinct, down-tuned savagery of bands like DISMEMBER as it is by the riff-based Metal ferocity of DEATH pre-"Human." This is especially evident in the song's fleet-fingered solo, where Sune Borring's leads remind somewhat of James Murphy on "Spiritual Healing," but with more of a sinister air and a general sense of chaos.

Elsewhere, the band do a great job of maintaining their Old-School street cred with furious, foot-stomping displays like "Gorefeast" and "Immortal Race & Psychotic Thoughts," but they also show an awareness of the stylistic evolutions Death Metal has seen since the band first started. The section before the solo in the latter song contains a brief, but effective isolated double-bass drum fill that leaves things off on a high note before cascading into a series of searing leads. "Extinguished" is a relentless barrage of grinding rhythms and bruising riffs, a formula the album-closing title track adopts, feeds steroids to, and sends on a killing spree as they race towards oblivion (or just the end of the album).

The best part about the album is its digestibility; none of the songs are more (or less) technical than they need to be, and the band are more than adept at getting their point across: this is not music for the faint of heart. Each song brims with a controlled fury that rages without regard for those trampled in their path. A well-written and satisfying effort, "Call To Arms" delivers on the promise INFERNAL DEATH had long held, and is a worthwhile pickup for anyone who likes Old School Death Metal.

8 / 10


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"Call To War" Track-listing:

1. Ruin Of Hate
2. Ressurected
3. A Mirror Blackened
4. Gorefeast
5. Immortal Race & Psychotic Thoughts
6. Extinguished
7. Call To War

Infernal Death Lineup:

Thomas Pedersen - Vocals
Lars Hald - Drums
Sune Borring - Lead guitar
Allan Hartvigsøn - Rhythm guitar
Matias Lambropoulus - Bass

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