Path of Desolation


INFALLING it's a tight Metal unit from Ohio, I would not call them Crossover, nor […]
By Sergio Andrés
August 20, 2019
Infalling - Path of Desolation album cover

INFALLING it's a tight Metal unit from Ohio, I would not call them Crossover, nor Thrash or Death Metal, yet they navigate within those three Metal subgenres. What we have here is an EP with five studio tunes (two instrumentals tracks among it) and a live rendition (according to their label website) of an old song. What they lack in harmonic content, they succeed in rhythm jam. These guys prove successfully that you don´t need to shift time signatures every eight measures for being a tightly oiled Metal machine.

Their sound avoids any pretentious dungeons and dragons that infects lots of European and South-American releases and exudes solid staccato riffs with a tremendous rimshot from their snare sound, kudos to their engineer for the right placement of mics.

The intro "Genesis" serves as an eerie opener for "Forthcoming" an intense exercise of rhythm precision. Keep an eye with the blasts and growls at the 1:40 mark, which serves as a tension counterpoint for what I think is the chorus. Drums and bass are top-notch in the mixing area, which is always a blessing in the inertia of the Superior software modernity. "Nonexistent" has that hardcore urgency we all know and love, combined with the chromatic fourth chords that Death Metal bands popularize back in the late-eighties. Vocals reminded me a little bit of EXHORDER. "Revelations" is the instrumental outro, nothing fancy.

"Of a Fractured Creation" comes as a lovely souvenir about how their live experience should be.

7 / 10









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"Path of Desolation" Track-listing:

1. Genesis
2. Forthcoming
3. Pain Breeds Fury
4. Nonexistent
5. Revelations
6. Of a Fractured Creation (Live)

Infalling Lineup:

Tony Balante - Vocals
Ben Smith - Bass
Kyle Kniceley - Guitar
Justin Endres - Guitar
Eric Frabotta - Drums

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