INERTH is a death/sludge band from Spain but formed in 2019.  "Void," is their full […]
Inerth - Void album cover

INERTH is a death/sludge band from Spain but formed in 2019.  "Void," is their full length debut but they released an EP in 2019 and a demo in 2020. "Void," is an unrelenting album that balances sludge, death metal and plenty of hard hitting grooves.  The high energy songs even have a hardcore/punk feel to them although "Void," is very firmly a death metal album.  This just goes to show that INERTH are adapt at playing many styles but also very much focused on song writing—this album is one of optimal flow.

Much of the album's attention is devoted to the riffs—and for good reason.  Makoko, Victor, and Ramon hammer all riff after riff.  The tone of the guitars is dirty and jagged but it is Ramon's bass that gives the songs such huge sludge vibes—just massive.  The album's production and mix allows each of these three instruments to be heard but also brings out the crispness of the Mova's drums and the throat death growls of Santiago.

The album begins with "Precognition," which is nothing more than a short intro with ambient noises. Honestly, it is rather boring and an absolutely pointless track for the listener.  The album especially has no need of as the next track "Resilience In," is a hard hitting explosion that releases waves of concussive force.  The drums are on the attack from the opening seconds, backing up the groove of the song's main riff.  From here, the riff is changed through several variations that ensure the momentum of the song is never forgotten while keeping the song fresh from stagnation. The middle portion is a wrecking ball to the face and in a live a setting will send the pit absolutely wild.

The band isn't afraid to stretch their sound out, either.  Whereas "Resilience In," was a three minute body destroyer, "Paranoiac Critical Solitude," is nearly eight minutes long with plenty of dynamics.  Clean vocals pepper the atmosphere in the begging in a subtle way, never taking from the extreme sound.  The deathly groove is still there but there is an industrial feel to the song, clever and subtle as well.  About a quarter of the way though, the guitars hammer out rapid shots in between the groove which opens up the song to wider plains.  At the five minute mark, the drums and bass take on a almost tribal, hypnotic atmosphere with industrial elements building back up to a roar near the end.

"Visions Of Truth" is one of the more straight forward tracks but there is little to complain about as the sinister riffs push the song ever forward.  Little breaks in the song that last just a second or so let the drums add flourish here and there—it goes a long way in spicing up the song.  Around the 2:12 mark, the band goes total doom/sludge and lets the earthquake inducing bass take over. The rest of the song is a slow moving and hard hitting doomy dirge of sludge.  I love it, maybe the best song on the album.

"Nadir," is another song that takes a more lenient pace but as it slumbers along, it rips up the ground and pulls up all things nasty.  The song spends nearly two minutes building up but it was interesting and something different. At the three minute mark, the song becomes more ferocious but it doesn't sound like a different song-only a different approach. Again, these guys know how to put together a song! The final track, "Reality Tunnels," is another favorite for me on the album.  It is a fantastic way to the end the album because it includes  every element of the tracks before it.  If anyone asked me to recommend a song to show them what INERTH sound like, I'd choose this one.  It has fast parts, doom/sludge passages, and every instrument gives everything to the greater good for the overall atmosphere and pacing of the song.

With "Void," INERTH have created a fine album that will plunge you into a journey unto darkness that you won't want to leave.  It's well composed songs and excellent pacing will leave you wanting for me by the album's end, just as it did to me.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Void" Track-listing:

1. Precognition
2. Resilience In
3. Paranoiac Critical Solitude
4. Isolate
5. Dismantle the Illusion
6. Deadline to Mankind
7. Visions of Truth
8. Nadir
9. Brave New Cold War
10. Reality Tunnels

Inerth Lineup:

Ramón Rodríguez - Bass
J. Moya - Drums
Makoko - Guitars
Santiago Paz - Vocals
Víctor - Guitars

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