INERT is a Death Metal band whose members are from Sweden and Spain.  "Vermin," is […]
By Justin "Witty City' Wittenmeier
September 16, 2019
Inert - Vermin album cover

INERT is a Death Metal band whose members are from Sweden and Spain.  "Vermin," is their first full length; they also have an EP that released in 2016.   As a reviewer, I am sometimes contacted by the bands directly to review an album-in this case, it was guitarist Xavier. When such a situation comes up, I never know what I'm going to get; the album could be a great listen or the musical equivalent of a booger. So, what did I get from INERT? I got a Death Metal explosion that blew me off my feet.  Seriously, in terms of what this album offers to the listener, this band's name couldn't be further off from a description of the type of Death Metal these madmen play. Deeply rooted in Old School Death Metal, this album expands upon those roots with versatility and unique perspective that keeps you invested from the first note to the very last.

XAVIER is well on his way to becoming a riff master—I'm not sure of their recording process but if I was told he went into the studio and said to himself, "Ok, press record so I can just play non-stop badass riffs for 37 minutes and then we will go from there," I wouldn't be surprised at all.  Each track is crammed to the brim with riffs upon riffs, a deathly mountain of groove in which tribute to the old guard is paid but also forging a path of his own.  I do wish there were more leads on this album—he is too great of a shredder not to use them more often! Of course, all the riffs in the world won't help a Death Metal band if the foundation itself is leaning—but that is far from the case with this album.  Bassist Paolo and drummer Martin are two battering rams tied to an even bigger battering ram.  The already pummeling riffs are beefed up and pushed perpetually forward by these guys and their energy.

And what of vocalist Gustabvo? A beast of a vocalist, a fine balance between intelligible and devastating Death growls. If the band is the apocalypse, then he is the herald of it. Their overall sound is reminiscent of Swedish legends THE CROWN, and they often times incorporate Thrash elements in a similar fashion.  In fact, when I first played this to my brother, he thought it was THE CROWN.  It may knock some originality points off, but I also can't think of a higher compliment for a band of this type. The title track, "Vermin," is also the opening track.  It begins with a blanket of dark distortion, a Doom Metal inspired riff that, combined with the drums, establishes the band's sound early on while hinting at even further intensity.  After about a minute of this thunderstorm, the song explodes wide open.  Gustavo's vocal prowess elevates the song to near catastrophic levels of intensity. Xavier uses short but effective leads to pull the listener in and out of the groove to the wanted effect of the guitar sounding even heavier as the listener is whipped by into the frenzy.  The latter half of the song has slight hints of melody but played the Old School Swedish Death Metal way instead of, say, the Gothenburg scene way.

"Murderer In Me," is nothing short of being the audio version beaten to death with hammers...but in a rhythmic way.   Seriously, the groove in this song is about as intense as anything I've heard this year in the DM sub-genre.  The heavy portion around the two-minute mark alternates between a crushing riff and pinch harmonics while the double bass pounds it all in. "Rotten Corpse Feast," is one hell of a song title and one hell of a track. The momentum INERT carries throughout this song could be measured by hurricane categories.  It is probably the most straight forward album on the track: just pure 100% unadulterated Death fucking Metal. My favorite track on the album has to be "La Malura," as it is just darkness incarnate—the slower tempo just makes an already heavy band even more robust in electronic density.  Much like INCANTATION or countless Doom bands, the song rests on thick, crushing riffs and low Death growls.  I'd listen to a whole album of songs like this, easily.

All in all, INERT have left an impression on me, and based on several other reviews out there, they are already leaving their mark on the underground among other Metal news/review outlets. A staggering amazing first full length album that needs to be heard by any fan of Death Metal.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Vermin" Track-listing:

1. Vermin
2. Bassals de sang
3. Murderer In Me
4. Kingdom of Sulphur
5. Values' Decay
6. Rotten Corpse Feast
7. La malura
8. Vermin (New Breed)
9. Horse's Mane

Inert Lineup:

Xavier Aguilar - Guitars
Gustavo Garcia - Vocals
Paolo Cito Caminha - Bass
Martin Karlsson - Drums

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