Born From Fire


From their EPK, "Join us in experiencing mystical prophecies, heartfelt stories, outraged rebellion and the […]
January 3, 2023
Induction - Born From Fire album cover

From their EPK, "Join us in experiencing mystical prophecies, heartfelt stories, outraged rebellion and the lust for life on the band's sophomore full length album "Born From Fire," which will see the light of day on November 25th via Atomic Fire Records. Graced by a cover artwork from Peter Sallai, "Born From Fire" displays a band with a strong new line-up and ready to finally take their hymns to the stage again. The album has 12 songs.

The title track is the first. It's a strong sort of fighting song, if you will, with that familiar Power Metal gaunt and excellent production; the kind of song that energizes the listener. "Scorched" is a bit longer, and the symphonic elements are strong out of the gates. Craig's vocals are also quite good-he has a nice even keeled voice that is equally as strong in the upper ranges as the lower ones. The chorus is spirited and filled with backing vocals, and the canvas is rich. "Go to Hell" begins with a roar and weighted but melodic guitar work. This song is very catchy and the extended vocal harmonies in the chorus help a lot in this regard.

"Order & Chaos" is a heavier song with a slow beat out of the gates. But, the drums get rolling and some ominous symphonic elements enter. The vocals have a snarl to them, and bite down hard. "The Beauty of Monstrance" is another heavier offering and one where the band can display a little more of their fantastic musicianship. The audible bass slaps are a bonus, as are the brief passage of harsh vocals. "I Am Alive" is a smoother and slightly more mellow song, still with plenty of hooks to catch the listener. This might be the most concise and catchy song on the album. "Eternal Silence" is a tender and pensive song, featuring piano notes and keyboards most liberally. Craig's wonderful vocals come through strong, as do the feelings arising in your stomach.

"Sacrifice" closes the album; a strong, heavy and powerful closer. The overall atmosphere is dark but also beguiling. As almost any sacrifice demands, you will need to give everything that you have to stay sane through the experience. Clearly, this album was very well put together, from the songwriting to the production, and including of course the band's collective musicianship. Most of the songs have an energy that will beg you to get up from your seat and take up the cause. The new line-up is exactly what this band needed to be reborn again.

8 / 10









"Born From Fire" Track-listing:

1. Born from Fire
2. Scorched
3. Fallen Angel
4. Go to Hell
5. Embers
6. Order & Chaos
7. The Beauty of Monstrance
8. Queen of Light
9. I Am Alive
10. Ghost of Silence
11. Eternal Silence
12. Sacrifice

Induction Lineup:

Craig Cairns - Vocals
Tim Kanoa Hansen - Guitar
Marcos Rodriguez - Guitar
Dominik Gusch - Bass

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