Fear Of Living


This death/thrash metal quartet who are known as INDEMON came together in 2020, there are […]
April 29, 2022
Indemon - Fear Of Living album cover

This death/thrash metal quartet who are known as INDEMON came together in 2020, there are four very talented musicians altogether as they are all from Finland. There is JOOSE RIIHELÃ on vocals, SANTERI LIESMALA on electric guitar, SASU SAVOLAINEN on bass guitar and PATRICK KUITUNEN. In early 2022 this year, they did release a single titled GROUND ZERO and the same track appears now on their new EP which is named FEAR OF LIVING.

The EP was being written and produced over a period of 18 months, as it "draws heavily from the likes of SLAYER, SEPULTURA and ENTOMBED. It's a five track EP with a savage thrash delivery running through its veins". The vocals certainly portray the thrash genre but are sinister as death metal goes, same goes with the instrumentation. So let's take a closer look at what this EP has to offer under the magnifying glass so to speak. The intro track "Shield" has a deep, penetrating drum backbeat ready to pierce through the listener's ear drum but not excessively.

Vocals are very much throwing caution to the wind with loud outbursts going hand-in-hand alongside electric guitar. Guitar even brings drums back after a short pause where they run wild like a dog off the leash, barking while running at fast pace. "Ground Zero" opens with cymbal hits and guitar striking through the mix as thrash elements continue on and pulsate with double kick patterns yet again. Vocals are strong, kick ass and nasty giving that layer of intensity the track needs to stand out.

Drums change rhythm at times but are still worthy of full appraisal as is guitar and bass for providing tonality heading into the next track. "Supreme Protection" is where guitar takes on the lead narrative as drums take a step back and are buried underneath, so less of drums but still contributing. Vocals very much lay down the law and the other instruments must obey or else they will be eradicated. "In The Gear" has more focus and determination from drums, with no more complex rhythms but very much creates a balance and outlines the musical direction this EP has taken.

The ending especially with grinding guitar, cymbal hits and vocal leaps into full beast mode. "Fear Of Living" which is the last track and shares the title of the EP, there is no slowing down but cause mayhem and mass hysteria. Tempo sets the standard with raging guitar riffs with cymbal hits as the floodgates open to the seven circles of hell. Clarity and continuity sum up this track as guitar embellish thrash like projections whereas drums or vocals compete against one another.

Overall this is simply staggering, for their first EP, INDEMON has exceeded the expectations of what I would expect for certain and maybe it will go down very well with other listener's. They have firmly laid the foundations for what could be absolute greatness and heavy thrash metal topped off by death eating vocals. This band are immense, unique and I bow down to them as they should go on to many great ventures in their careers, so watch out for these guys.

8 / 10









"Fear Of Living" Track-listing:

1. Shield
2. In The Rear With Gear
3. Supreme Protection
4. Ground Zero
5. Fear Of Living

Indemon Lineup:

Sasu Savolainen - Bass
Patrik Kuitunen - Drums
Santeri Liesmala - Guitars
Joose Riihelä - Vocals

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