I'm pretty glad to have a curious mind, because initially I had two misconceptions about […]
By YngwieViking
March 3, 2014
Incura - Incura album cover

I'm pretty glad to have a curious mind, because initially I had two misconceptions about INCURA , first mainly because the album is released thru InsideOut Music, I first had the idea of a vintage Prog Band, then I read somewhere that it was more in an Alternative style like 30 SECO... No, no way, much better than that.

I was expecting nothing particular, but after less than two minutes into the first track "Get The Gun" it was pretty clear to me that this band was in holding of a strong identity, a special and clever temper, phenomenal and barely seen today , far away from all the modern stereotypes , this one of a kind personality is clearly something to be credited to a very unique artist / songwriter / frontman / Singer: the androgenic Kyle Gruninger and his vision... I was immediately hooked by the thick spirit, the drama moods, the  thematic, the whole ambient vibes, the sublime arrangements and the magnificent and emotional Kyle Gruninger's hi-pitched vocals, enhanced with a theatrical method in the performance, obviously superior to your everyday commercial anthemic Rock... Those Canadian's guys deserve to be hugely successful.

If I want to make a valid comparison it seems to me, that COHEED & CAMBRIA meets VALENTINE from the Netherlands, it is the most accurate analogy that I can provide... And I cherish deeply, the artistic dedication of both underrated acts. The second track "I Breathe This" show a real Metal edge and after a strong riffage, the vocal melody and the chorus seems to be straight out of the mind of Claudio Sanchez... The writing sensibility, the vocal dedication and the outcast's behavior of Kyle Gruninger is admirable. "I'm Here Waiting" starts with an obvious QUEEN influenced epic verse and lead to a more contemporary theme enlightened by a short but beautiful lead guitar solo intervention... Bombastic and hyper catchy. "Who You Are" is the most Theatrical songs of all , the falsetto tricks used by Gruninger is an acquired taste but it's finally very addictive and poetic, the Pop sensibility of the refrain could be fairly assimilated to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE mix with early ANGRA , if Andre Matos played in a Broadway show with AVANTASIA it could be similar to this , elegant and creative musical piece. "Turning Blue" and "Here To Blame" are more directed towards the Metalcore style with ferocious staccato riffs and some similarities with A7X both in the typical smart vocal harmonies but also in terms of Metallic Power.

"Decide" is another Robby Valentine/Freddy Mercury flavored cut, subtle and delicate, then suddenly metamorphosed as an outburst with some hysterical vocals out of the Kate Bush's book, showing brilliantly another side of the amazing range of Kyle, and updated by another crazy lead guitar solo spot with tons of FX, in the vein of Steve Stevens / Brian May provided by Phil X (ex-TRIUMPH / BON JOVI). It's impossible to predict, how the next track will sound, that's a suspense utterly rewarding and then comes "The Greatest Con" co-written by well known & reputed producer Brian Howes (HINDER / DAUGHTRY / SIMPLE PLAN / AIRBOURNE) is like a resume of everything before, melodic, intriguing, adventurous, dramatic, with another highly addictive chorus hook which is going cresendo until the final Climax of screams... Top! "I'd Give Anything" & "Sweat Runs Cold" are clearly the more Progressive tracks and this is the deserved closing duet for this amazing but too short album.

It's the best way to finish this grandiose first release by INCURA, that's offering an eclectic mix of genres in only a few minutes...43':47" of pure beauty perfectly produced by Arnold Lanni (SHERIFF / FROZEN GHOST), carefully mastered by Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM) like if the past and the future of the Canada's finest guild was reunited to celebrate the birth and the rising of the new star of intelligent music.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Incura" Track-listing:

1. Get The Gun
2. I Breathe This
3. I'm Here Waiting
4. Who You Are
5. Turning Blue
6. Decide
7. Here To Blame
8. The Greatest Con
9. I'd Give Anything
10. Sweat Runs Cold

Incura Lineup:

Kyle Gruninger - Lead Vocals
Jim McLaren - Keyboards
Jono Olson - Bass
Royce Whittaker - Guitar
Phil Gardner - Drums
Phil X - Guitar

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