I must admit that when this promo arrived into my hands I was surprised since […]
By Yiannis Doukas
May 14, 2008
Incubator - LieBISSlieder album cover

I must admit that when this promo arrived into my hands I was surprised since I had no idea that INCUBATOR was still alive. It's not a new band, they started back in the beginning of the 90s with three albums showing an eccentric - I could say - face. Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism and Mc Gillroy The Housefly were more into Death Metal but having a unique sound that gained my attention back then, and surely Mother and some other tracks were killers. In 1993 they released the Hirnnekter album that was a big step for INCUBATOR, enriching their sound with some VOIVOD influences being more bizarre, including also a cover of PINK FLOYD's Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. After this CD I lost their traces but they released two more full-lengths and this year they present us with the new one, entitled LieBISSlieder.
What has been changed? Well, now they prefer to express in their native language and all their lyrics are in German. The music has take a modern look with many Thrash paintings close to THE HAUNTED and have a special guest Tom Angelripper for the vocals. This description is well-fitted for songs like Narzist, Frei (that has a killer intro riff used as a refrain after a while) and S, which is one of the best songs and they decided to make it video clip for it. These three tracks, together with F**k Mich, are aggressive, headbanging influent and well written.
The one that makes the difference here is Stapellauf, which is slower, reminding something like the middle era of PARADISE LOST with female vocals for refrain, giving a catatonic and soul depressing point or a decay one that is also present in the ending of Fur Immer. Something like the coming of bad memories that in one hand they hunt you and on the other the experience you gained made you wiser but in the end probably works like a soul agitator. I have no idea for what is going on with the lyrics since my knowledge in German is no better than driving a spacecraft, but it looks like there is a concept here with a kern about relations with the opposite sex. The last song is a cover of RICHTHOFEN's song Der Jungste Tag, but since I have not heard the original I cannot say anything.
Although I would like them being more into Death Metal like their old days, this album has something to give and it was a pleasant time listening to it. If you know the language probably the experience would be more powerful. A good 'underground' and not so well known band, and I recommend checking their first steps.
Mother why am I born?

6 / 10

Had Potential

"LieBISSlieder" Track-listing:

F**k Mich
Der Weg
Fur Immer
Der Jungste Tag

Incubator Lineup:

Chris Mummelthey - Vocals
Ziegler - Guitar
Lasse Lammert - Guitar
Mischa Wagner - Drums
Dirk Digger Weiss - Bass

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