INCINERATE hailing from Minnesota are already around since 1998. The Death Metal veterans play pre-dominantly […]
November 20, 2020
Incinerate - Sacrilegivm album cover

INCINERATE hailing from Minnesota are already around since 1998. The Death Metal veterans play pre-dominantly Brutal Technical Death Metal and include some classical Death Metal elements to their sound. Among their influences are bands like SUFFOCATION, MORBID ANGEL and SPAWN OF POSSESSION. They released prior to their new album one EP and three full-length albums, the last one dating back to 2015. "Sacrilegivm" was released via North Carolina label Comatose Music which is specialized in Death Metal and Grindcore. The album has a total length of more than 40 minutes.

"Sacrilegivm" is a firework of brutality, speed, and bludgeoning the listener from the first to the last minute of the album. Most tracks on the album are played blisteringly fast, the guitar riffing and even more the lead guitar is frantic, the hammering drums are insane, and the growling vocals come straight from hell. The album has a "kick-in-your-face" attitude that is second to none. Although many of the songs may sound similar to most listeners, there are subtle differences in structure, songwriting approach, and also tempo. INCINERATE find a good balance between high speed and mid-tempo breaks.

While the opener "Lux In Tenebris" and "Cast Out And Condemned" set the tone of the things to come, "Trumpets Of War" offers a slightly different sound starting with a slow melodic part, followed by a more technical part. The lead guitar solo has also a more structured and melodic approach compared to other songs. The song also includes some well-played mid-tempo breaks. "Lux In Tenebris" was also released as video and the YouTube link is given below.

When the drums become a machine gun: this is "Thrown To The Fire" It is a festival of double-bass drumming at highest precision and speed, hammering blast beats and tempo changes throughout the song. Phil Cancilla (ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION) performs outstanding on the entire album but is here at his very best. "Holy Irreverence" is not far away as far as the drumming is concerned though, but in my opinion "Thrown To The Fire" stands out.

The onslaught continues with "Fallen Is Your Kingdom" and "Fleeting Opulence". While "Fallen Is Your Kingdom" contains another chaotic, but technically superb lead guitar solo, "Fleeting Opulence" is driven by constant variations in tempo, darker and catchier guitar riffs at mid-tempo sequences that may animate to head-bang. Another highlight of the album is "Cenotaph Of Celestial Corpses" which is a masterpiece of brutality in sound, flesh-ripping guitars, relentless and technically excellent drumming, all framed by the aggressive growls of Jesse Watson.

INCINERATE released an album that cement their place among the leading bands in Brutal/Technical Death Metal. "Sacrilegivm" is an excellent example for aggressive and brutal sound paired with outstanding individual skills of each band member. The result is an album which belongs to the top Death Metal releases of this year. "Sacrilegivm" is a festival of brutality, speed, insanity of chaotic guitars, bass, drums, growls, and, more importantly, of excellent songwriting. It is a very well-produced album and should be part of every Brutal/Technical Death Metal fan's playlist.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Sacrilegivm" Track-listing:

1. Lux In Tenebris
2. Cast Out And Condemned
3. Trumpets Of War
4. Thrown To The Fire
5. Holy Irreverence
6. Fallen Is Your Kingdom
7. Fleeting Opulence
8. Inexorable
9. Absence Of Divine Power
10. Cenotaph Of Celestial Corpses
11. Lamentation To The Fallen

Incinerate Lineup:

Jesse Watson - Vocals
Ted Isac - Guitars
Jared Deaver - Lead Guitar
Phil Cancilla - Drums
Sasha Wilczynski - Bass

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