In Tormentata Quiete

Mama mia! Another band from Italy, another “difficult review for me. Unfortunately many reviewers are […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
November 15, 2009
In Tormentata Quiete - Teatroelementale album cover

Mama mia! Another band from Italy, another “difficult review for me. Unfortunately many reviewers are trying to be agreeable to a band or a record company. Well I want to believe that I never was one of them and I'm planning to stay that way. So, why did I write this prologue? You'll understand later.

IN TORMENTATA QUIETE is a band from Bologna, Italy as you probably understood by their name. Born in 1998 by Antonio and Lorenzo they have released a promo CD and their self-titled debut album. This is their second attempt with some changes in their lineup.
Ok, in the past I was accused that I'm prejudiced against bands from the beloved Italy. Well, I'm not. And this time I'll say that Teatroelementale has some nice ideas. It's not a classic Metal album, though. Here you'll find Italian neo-folk, acoustic music, melodic Black Metal and elements of Goth on a progressive Metal backdrop. Some of the monologues between the actual songs reminded me of old Italian love story movies. To tell you the truth, I don't have a clue what this album is about, since my Italian is at the worst level. The other thing is that, as my good friend and mag editor Dimitris Kar wrote, it is better to sing in your native tongue than trying to speak English and sound like a low budget Italian mafia movie of the 80s. But, in my opinion this language is not the proper one for Metal. It's good for ballads, pop or something else, but not Metal. The screams from Marco though are really good and so are some ideas in the guitar melodies. The other problem with this album is the monologues. They don't leave the album to flow and after a while they sound boring. Furthermore the mixture of all those different genres of music doesn't sound that good. Putting nice ingredients in a saucepan, does not mean that the result is going to be good.

I changed the prologue two times before sending this review. And I did it after I read some other reviews. Just because something is complicated doesn't make it a masterpiece. Same thing goes when you can't follow what's going on. Don't mistake lack of talent for genius don't want to say that IN TORMENTATA QUIETE don't have talent, but this is a mediocre album in the best case. They have to read again the recipe if they want to make such a difficult meal.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Teatroelementale" Track-listing:

Discorso Sul Teatro Drammatico
La Danza Del Fuoco
Il Pianto Della Terra
Dell'Uomo E Del Vento
Il Canto Del Mare
Le Illusioni Del Vento
Del Mare Alla Luna

In Tormentata Quiete Lineup:

Marco Vitale - Screams
Giovanni Notarangelo - Vocals
Lorenzo Rinaldi - Guitars
Maurizio D'Apote - Bass
Antonio Ricco - Keyboards
Francesco Paparella - Drums

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