In Solitude

In Solitude

What's the case with Sweden, anyway? You can't get enough of good Metal music delivered […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 24, 2009
In Solitude - In Solitude album cover

What's the case with Sweden, anyway? You can't get enough of good Metal music delivered by Swedish bands the last...dunno...30 years!?!? IN SOLITUDE is another example of how you can release classic Metal music without being accused as 'copycat' or 'retrolust'. Had bought their Hidden Dangers 7 single a year ago or so, swallowed their notable 2-track offering and waited eagerly for the debut assault. Here it is, finally: In Solitude definitely is a good proposal to remember what was the spine of Metal music years ago. Let's turn some hell on.
The 7 single presented a first draft picture of IN SOLITUDE's beliefs. Vintage European Heavy Metal with enough of reference to MERCYFUL FATE (mainly), GLORY BELLS, OVERDRIVE and PARASITE, plus BLACK SABBATH and the 'dark' side of the NWOBHM movement (WITCHFYNDE, ANGEL WITCH etc). Kathedral is again featured in this debut album's tracklist, building up a set of eight (in total) songs that shall make you moan if the above 'reference list' sparkled your interest. The longer the writing process took, the darker the songs got. We ended up with a perfect mix of catchy old Heavy Metal and pure hell, drummer Uno Bruniusson says in a Press release, and this comment can sum it up to the whole vibe of In Solitude.
Pelle Ahman does sing both high-pitched and normal, he gets 'evil' at times and does a good job in narrating in the songs when needed. A couple of growls do fit in the songs' scope, plus he sounds ominous enough in the mix, resulting in constructing a persona bringing the early days of King Diamond to mind, but in no way letting loose comparison thoughts; hence, mission accomplished. The music itself overlaps such a contrast, with the guitars assembling an immense wall of riffs and leads (many dual ones, too) while the rhythm section is as traditional as possible giving backing to the guitars themes to be unveiled in pure metallic dignity and gloom.
The production of the album fits like a glove to your old-school European needs, bringing on enough of dark, evil and mystique atmosphere. Would not label anything here as 'Epic Doom Metal', but fans of bands like e.g. CANDLEMASS and GRAND MAGUS shall take the chance and listen to this album, too, since there is some common fire crossing paths. Still, the base for songs like e.g. Witches Sabbath, Kathedral and Faceless Mistress is - again mentioned - the legacy of MERCYFUL FATE and the 80s Swedish Metal scene (linking to the NWOBHM magic); that also reminds me that the chorus melodies here are outstanding, carrying this unique Swedish tradition.
Initially out on LP (via High Roller Records) a couple of months ago, In Solitude is now unleashed on CD format via Pure Steel Records and I'm already looking forward to watch the Uppsala-based quintet at Keep It True XII festival late next month. The songs must be killers performed live.
Do not miss the chance to purchase this top-class traditional Metal album, I'd strongly recommend. IN SOLITUDE deserves a big transaction with the Metal fans keeping the 80s flame.

8 / 10


"In Solitude" Track-listing:

In The Darkness
Witches Sabbath
Beyond Is Where I Learn
7th Ghost
Faceless Mistress
Temple Of The Unknown
The Monolith

In Solitude Lineup:

Gottfrid Ahman - Bass
Uno Bruniusson - Drums
Niklas Lindstrom - Lead Guitar
Pelle Ahman - Vocals
Mattias Gustavsson - Guitar

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