Shrouded Divine

In Mourning

It's nice to see new bands looking in the eyes some big names of the […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
May 14, 2008
In Mourning - Shrouded Divine album cover

It's nice to see new bands looking in the eyes some big names of the music industry. And IN MOURNING, I think, is one of these bands. Something tells me that this year OPETH will have to release something really good to steal the glory from these four young guys.

The band's history is not that big, since I couldn't find any more info except for some things they have in their official site. IN MOURNING is coming from Sweden and was formed back in 2000.  The band released 5 demos until 2006. In their first demo they were leaning more to the Gothic Metal scene. Fortunately, they decided to change course and make a deep dive in the progressive Death Metal sea. So, after seven years, the band finally has its first album out in the stores early in 2008.

We all know that after OPETH's big bang, many bands are trying to play just like them. So, most of you will probably think that these guys are just a clone. Well, I don't think you are right. One of the things that I liked in Shrouded Divine is that, despite the progressive essence of the album and some prog Rock influences and contrary to OPETH that brutality and softenss is almost 50-50, their music is more brutal than I expected. Of course the album has its 'easy listening' parts, with nice melodies and clean vocals, but the good thing for us metalheads is that those moments are not many. The brutal voice of Tobias is bonded beautifully with the 'wall' that the three guitars and the rhythm section build. And even though the compositions are full of riffs and changes in rhythms, the album is not boring. That's because most of the choruses are easy to remember.

The fist track begins with a beautiful doom riff and from then on it evolves into a, let's say, eight-minute journey through darkness fields, full of emotions. And all other songs that follow have the same quality. Just listen to In The Failing Hour or Grand Denial and you will agree with me. My only objection is the clean vocals.  I'm not saying that they are bad (other singers have worse voices; that's for sure) but, in my humble opinion, Tobias has to work his voice a little bit in that section.

Shrouded Divine was a surprise for me. Nice songs, full of energy and ideas. I believe that this album will put new standards in the scene for all the other new bands. A great debut from these four youngsters. If they continue to work hard and be a little bit lucky, they will do great things.

7 / 10


"Shrouded Divine" Track-listing:

The Shrouded Divine
In The Failing Hour
By Others Considered
Grand Denial
The Art Of A Mourning Kind
The Black Lodge
Past October Skies (The Black Lodge Revisited)

In Mourning Lineup:

Tobias Netzell - Guitar, Vocals
Bjorn Pettersson - Guitar
Tim Nedergard - Guitar
Pierre Stam - Bass
Christian Netzell - Drums

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