In For The Kill

In For The Kill

It has always been a rarity to see an artist or band release an album-let […]
By Quinten Serna
December 2, 2019
In For The Kill - In For The Kill album cover

It has always been a rarity to see an artist or band release an album-let alone their debut-under an eponymous title, though it seems particularly less likely nowadays than previously. Yet such inclination did not seem to faze IN FOR THE KILL who just graced the world with the release of their self-titled debut, "In For The Kill."

Following the release of an EP 3 years prior, the self-titled album opens up with a crescendo of noise that signals the beginning of the track "Chaos." The track itself is composed of relentless pounding kick, some spaced out strings, and shrieking growls. "Serpent From Hell" continues the soundscape offering an amazing guitar hook as the lead, the song changes pace just before the end. "Buried Alive" is perhaps one of the most straightforward tracks upon the album, being built around a progressive lead. My favorite track on the album, which happens to be the title's sake and the most dynamic, is "In For The Kill." The song commences with a heavy groove coupled with a palm-muted lead which fades into a heavier riff through a flanger before the entire song changes into a heavier variant of its origin.

The music is tight and carved in excellent synchronicity, each element coming together in seamless unison. The guitar work is full of catchy riffs and leads, whilst the tone is light and a bit withdrawn it is noticeably stacked through several expertly crafted recordings. The bass has an amazing thick and rich tone to it but is unfortunately buried pretty deep within the mix only shining in a few occasions, such as the in introduction to "Spit Out The Bait." The drums have a near classic vibe to them sounding reminiscent of Thrash and Speed acts from the 80s, the interlaced usage of fills is an amazing addition to the soundscape as a whole. The vocals are solid and effortlessly cut through the mix easily becoming the center of each song.

IN FOR THE KILL has about itself a unique and interesting sound as few bands from Japan really fit into a Metalcore or Death Metal niche. The band has about itself relentless drive and a heavy mindset as a whole which is exemplified with each and every track, and while the band doesn't do much to separate itself from other bands within the genre fans of IN FOR THE KILL are sure to appreciate the effort and talent that went into making the album.

7 / 10









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"In For The Kill" Track-listing:

1. Chaos
2. Serpent From Hell
3. Berserk Song
4. Buried Alive
5. I Am A Stranger
6. Asphalt Mountain
7. Spit Out The Bait
8. War Comes
9. Born To Be A Killer
10. Nucleus
11. In For The Kill

In For The Kill Lineup:

Toru Watanabe-Drums

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