Canto III

In Aevum Agere

IN AEVUM AGERE comes from Napoli Italy. If MAIDEN and PRIEST had a love child, […]
By Cullen Baldridge
July 4, 2019
In Aevum Agere - Canto III album cover

IN AEVUM AGERE comes from Napoli Italy. If MAIDEN and PRIEST had a love child, IN AEVUM AGERE would be the results of that orgy. They formed in 2005 and released "The Shadow Tower" in 2012 and "Limbus Animae in 2014, brings us to the 3rd release "Canto lll".

"L'uom S'etterma begins with a deep, dark, ringmaster type of intro with a classic European sound establishing from the get go, Gambino's bass playing is deep, with a Geezer Butler influence protruding, Masulli loves his extortion pedal without a doubt, with classic thrash metal drumming being delivered by Monaco, MAIDEN influenced vocals rounding it all off. "No Hope Of Death" is a song about doom and despair, living in a world of poverty and chaos where everybody has lost faith in any kind of God, there is no hope left, everybody is struggling just to survive.

"The Great Refusal" is another song about a world of doom and chaos, living in a land of madness where every soul is condemned, there is no longer a reason to repent and no one who would hear your cries anyway. "Minis" is an instrumental of whaling guitars, brutal drums and funky deep bass lines. "Anti-Inferno, Ignavus" has the slowest intro so far on this album but about the time you're thinking this is a nice mellow change up, that's when the heaviness comes crashing in, there's a few change ups here and there, the song is a nice change up and very well put together. "Canto lll" in this song we finally get a taste of the title track which includes a thrashing guitar, crashing drums and dooming bass lines. "Voices Of My Solitude" vocals are slowed a bit, it tells a story of being complacent in the darkness with its sadness.

"Canto lll" is a very well put together album, that paints a picture of a sad world full of darkness and despair.

8 / 10









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"Canto III" Track-listing:

1. L'uom S'etterna
2. No Hope Of Death
3. Intro 1
4. The Great Refusal
5. Intro 'll
6. Minos
7. Anti Inferno, Ignavus
8. Epigrafe
9. Canto llll
10. Voices Of My Solitude

In Aevum Agere Lineup:

Bruno Masulli - Guitar, Vocals
Piersaboto Gambino - Bass
Claudio Del Monaco - Drums

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