When we are Forgotten

Imperium Dekadenz

From the Facebook page, "IMPERIUM DEKADENZ was founded in the late summer of 2004 by […]
September 18, 2019
Imperium Dekadenz - When we are Forgotten album cover

From the Facebook page, "IMPERIUM DEKADENZ was founded in the late summer of 2004 by Horaz and Vespasian. Their band name was inspired by the 70's movie "Caligula", which was known as one of the most scandalous movies, because of its extreme violent and pornographic scenes. Their lyrics reflect genre typical topics like death, mourning, hate and desperation, while religious and political topics are not a part of the band's concept. Generally their music style can be described as Atmospheric Black Metal, to the same time also depressive, ambient and acoustic elements are a part of the compositions." "When we are Forgotten" is the band's sixth full-length album, and contains thirteen tracks.

"When we are Forgotten" leads off the album. It opens fairly easily, with an easy listening riff that is kind of jovial. The vocals are vile, but the music is melodic. The mix they present here is done very well. "Bis Ich Bin" features doleful musical tones along with sharp Black Metal vocals. At times the music is very ominous while other times it is melancholic. The drums roll steadily throughout the song. "My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)" opens with a repetitive guitar sequence that is followed by spoken words. It's a very depressing sort of sound and the spoken words sound like they are trying to steal your soul. Yet, it straddles the line on hope and similar emotions.

"Trauma" is a short instrumental, with clean guitar tones this feeling that something was taken from you. "A Cave called Wisdom" opens with strong and powerful guitar and then the main cadence kicks in. It's similar to some previous tracks and they seem to have settled on a formula that works for them. "Transcendence" features a straight up melodic riff that exudes emotions. Coupled with the vocal shrieks it really makes for an enjoyable sound. The secondary riff turns dark but then it's back to the light again. "Séance" is another short instrumental that uses keyboards to create a settling effect on the listener...almost like Dungeon Synth. "Absenz Elysium" goes hard out of the gate, with this despondent but alluring charm amidst the chaotic sound. The ambient passage comes at the right time, but the vocals are absolutely vile during it.

"My Solace II (Paths of Perception)" opens with a pretty little guitar melody. The vocals ease in and then the main riff drops...it's a veritable sea of sinking emotions. I have always said there is beauty to be found in darkness, and that is the case here for sure. "Reverie" is the final short song with minimal instrumentation. They use these tracks to break up the intensity of some of the Black Metal rage and it works very well. It makes the listener feel sad and lonely. "Frozen in Time" feature more of than melancholic rage & stark moments of beauty. If you hone out the vocals, the chord progressions are actually quite sublime. The clean guitar passage with light spoken words is fantastic.

"Behold the Flames of Time" features soft and slow clean guitar notes and background atmosphere. It has a simple melody that sticks with you. "Owl of the Black Forest" closes the album, and it's the longest song at over eight minutes in length. It's a slow, grinding song that brings out both beauty and despair. What a strong way to finish an album! Overall, I was really blown away at what these two gentlemen have created here. It's one of those rare Black Metal releases that infuses melody and a bevy of emotions into the core Black Metal sound. Anger, rage, depression, sadness, loneliness and despair, but also hope are just a few things that you will feel listening to the album, and it's done from seasoned and careful songwriters.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"When we are Forgotten" Track-listing:

1. When we are Forgotten
2. Bis Ich Bin
3. My Solace I (Choirs of Solitude)
4. Trauma
5. A Cave called Wisdom
6. Transcendence
7. Séance
8. Absenz Elysium
9. My Solace II (Paths of Perception)
10. Reverie
11. Frozen in Time
12. Behold the Flames of Time
13. Owl of the Black Forest

Imperium Dekadenz Lineup:

Vespasian - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Horaz - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

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