Long Lost Pride


Power-meets-Progressive Metal is a boring - sometimes - story. It's not that this kind of […]
By Grigoris Chronis
April 22, 2005
Imaginery - Long Lost Pride album cover

Power-meets-Progressive Metal is a boring - sometimes - story. It's not that this kind of music is bad - how can one judge music, in general? - nor can the artists be labeled as incapable. It's just that the same basic scenario being repeated nearly each and every time by different bands in all four corners of this world is not that teasing anymore. Thank God (or whoever you want) Imaginery fall out of this list and I'm happy I filled my ears with no less than interesting music.
Imaginery comes as a conception of impressive Greek keyboardist/guitarist Bob Katsionis - currently a member of famous dark metallers Nightfall and participant in some dozens of bands/projects in Greece/Northern Europe. Having formed a band called Mirage in the mid-90's, he recorded two demos in the vein of speed acts like Stratovarius or Angra. Initially altering the band's name to Secrets Keeper, a new lineup finally released the Oceans Divine (2003) album named as Imaginery. Lack of promotion buried the band's hope for some - fairly wanted - recognition, though Bob never stopped thinking 'bout some future release of new ideas. Lasse Mattsson, owner of Lion Music, sent Bob's new demo tracks to Bjorn Jansson, singer of Swedish melodic Metal band Tears Of Anger and made Imaginery an active band again.
Do you like Symphony X? Then this album's for you! Do you like bands with a sound/style similar to the previously mentioned band? This album's for you, too! To calm down a little bit: under a fine production (Mark Adrian's credit), Long Lost Pride features ten interesting Power/Prog songs with remarkable melodies, proper double bass drumming, logical solos, excellent passionate vocals and a fresh air in a wounded music genre. Guest guitars come from Gus G. (Firewind), Marcel Coenen (Sun Caged) and Michael Harris (Arch Rival, Surgeon, Chastain / Harris) while Bob's performance can only - once again - be rated as superb, nothing less.
There are some people that demonstrate an endless passion for music, in all its forms. Bob Katsionis is one of them and Long Lost Pride stands as the solid statement behind the fact that great musicians compose great music, regardless to the category this music may be filed under. Prog/Power devotees, proceed!

8 / 10


"Long Lost Pride" Track-listing:

The Sign Of Today
When All Is Gone
The Nightmare Of Kain
Roughly Scratched But Alive
Korozon (The Lord Of Evil)
Peace Of Mind
Blind Eyes
No Other Way
In My Life

Imaginery Lineup:

Bjorn Jannson - Vocals
Bob Katsionis - Guitars & Keys
Olof Sundfeldt - Bass
Mark Adrian - Drums

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