The Entity, Unknown


ILLRYAN, a thrash metal outfit out of Canada, come blasting forth with their second full-length […]
By James Brizuela
August 28, 2019
Illyrian - The Entity

ILLRYAN, a thrash metal outfit out of Canada, come blasting forth with their second full-length album "The Entity, Unknown". With elements of black and death metal mixed in, there is no reason why this band should not be on everyone's radar. The album kicks off with "Void". A track that brings a force of death and thrash metal goodness. With the power of deep gutter vocals and musicianship prowess, this track begins the album in a powerful way. There is a nice guitar solo that compliments the track as well. ILLRYAN is a powerhouse of thrash and heavier metal styles that fuse together in an incredible sound. "Grant Us Eyes" offers more of a blackened style of thrash to me. The high-pitch screams cut like a knife, while the chanting lyrics and guitar work bring a full force sound of thrash.

There exists a higher level of expertise in this blending of the genres that Illyrian provide in this album. Its not quite all the way thrash, its not all the way death metal, but it's a wonderful blending of sub genres into a fierce sound. "Levottomuus" brings more of a traditional sound of thrash to the table, but the deep gutter vocals kick everything up to a deeper level of punching power. Then out of left field there is a moment of pure vile black metal. I love the way that these songs are composed to initially keep you guessing. At every turn there seems to be a new surprise and new melody or tempo to surprise the senses. "Recipe for Disaster" brings with it a more punk style to the thrash sound with the high-pitch vocals adding that extra layer of punishment. One thing that is done rather impressively, is the ability to keep a guitar solo and two different styles of vocals all happening simultaneously.

One does not take from the other, and the restaurant bell being rung is a nice touch. Even when I found myself not sure I would be surprised any further, "Gwynbleidd" starts. An atmospheric treat that sounds like it came out of a power metal album. But sets up perfectly the next track, "Xanthous". Another outing of the blackened thrash metal sound. Though in nature, this track is slower in tempo. It offers some crunchy bass lines that bring more depth to the already in-depth sound of the album. The title track and final track of the album, "The Entity, Unknown", returns to the prototypical thrash sound. But for me it adds a more power metal feel to it as well. I hear elements from so many genres used in this album, but in a very cohesive way. I found myself headbanging then taken back by the pure musical prowess.

The fact that this band is not signed to any label at all, and able to release an album of this caliber is impressive to say the least. Someone sign them immediately so we can be treated to more ILLRYIAN for years to come!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Entity, Unknown" Track-listing:

1. Void
2. Amanar Rising
3. Grant Us Eyes
4. Levottomuus
5.  Recipe for Disaster
6. Gwynbleidd
7. Xanthous
8. The Entity, Unknown

Illyrian Lineup:

Scott Onofrychuk - Vocals, Guitars
Jeff Perry - Vocals, Bass
Darren May - Drums

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