Where Stories Unfold


ILLUMINATA is female fronted Symphonic Metal / Gothic Metal band from Graz in Austria. The […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
March 6, 2015
Illuminata - Where Stories Unfold album cover

ILLUMINATA is female fronted Symphonic Metal / Gothic Metal band from Graz in Austria. The band was formed in 2006 and released following albums: Demo EP "Lachrymal"(2007), "From the Chalice of Dreams" (2009), EP "A Frame Of Beauty" (2009),  "A World So Cold" (2011). On new album "Where Stories Unfold" which was released on 23rd January 2015 the band cooperates with the prestigious, 60-piece Czech Film Orchestra and this is an amazing mix of Heavy Metal with Film Music.

Nice keys intro track "A Story Unfolds" has gentle flute & perfect Symphonic sounds. "Eternity of Today" opens with gentle voice of singer & heavier riffs in the background. Here is also progressive rate, orchestral sounds, fast drums & violins - totally amazing climate. Melodic sounds, heavier guitars & fabulous guitar solo is very great! Stronger riffs with Symphonic elements together with beautiful singing are in "Phoenix". It sounds like an eternity! Catchy chorus with energetic style and memorable sounds dig on long time in listener's mind.

Vocalist Katarzyna Nieniewska has fantastic voice, she is connecting very well with the music; powerful, yet calm and mysterious. What an impressive atmosphere & gorgeous singing! Great climatic opener with violins is in "Violet's Compass" which create nice romantic style, her serene voice gives true beauty to the song, noticeable are NIGHTWISH elements and orchestral arrangements give fantastic movie atmosphere! Piano, violins & modern sounds, sweet singing by Katarzyna in "Arbitrary Asylum" creates a wonderful and epic backdrop.

Almost 10 minutes has genial track "The World Constructor" with gentle violins, amazing climate - from opera vocal & heavier riffs to epic higher style stylish on Film. Piano give fine atmosphere here. Perfect mix of strength with calmness - total beauty! Another long track which is lasting over 10 minutes is "The Brass Ring" with a dynamic, interesting choir in THERION style, heavier sounds, impressive theatrical climate. Brilliant connection of different styles and many positive vibes.

Impressive is beautiful ballad "Entwined" in calmer movie style, violins and choir! Symphonic faster drums, choir and stronger guitars are in nice "The Phantom Rickshaw" and I like so much "Danse Macabre". What a show is in this track - marching drums, rockin guitars, orchestral sounds and even some Reggae vibes! Gentle calmer sounds in LEAH style are in "White Heart" with amazing singing and fabulous Symphonic elements; gorgeous violins show beauty in this music.

ILLUMINATA again proves with its new album their class in the Symphonic Metal market. Production of album is on a high level, inside are power, energy and melody! Their music shows experience of musicians in Symphonic Metal with modern echoes and Gothic elements and also impressive orchestral arrangements. Highly recommended to every female fronted Symphonic Metal fan. Beautiful songs on album are so catchy with heaviness too. Finally, a new album of these Metallers from Austria is totally perfect! Only one word to describe this album - Masterpiece!

10 / 10


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"Where Stories Unfold" Track-listing:

1. A Story Unfolds
2. Eternity of Today
3. Violet's Compass
4. Arbitrary Asylum
5. White Heart
6. Phoenix
7. The Brass Ring
8. Entwined
9. Danse Macabre
10. The Phantom Rickshaw
11. The World Constructor

Illuminata Lineup:

Katarzyna Nieniewska - Vocals
Sabrina Supan - Keyboards
Thomas Kern - Drums
Lukas Knoebl - Guitars
Christoph Vide - Bass

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