To Those Who Walk Behind Us


It was exactly one and a half year ago when my friend Yiannis D. made […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
September 21, 2009
Illdisposed - To Those Who Walk Behind Us album cover

It was exactly one and a half year ago when my friend Yiannis D. made a review about the latest, at that time, album of ILLDISPOSED. and now I am here to write about their new release To Those Who Walk Behind Us and see if they manage to make any steps forward.

With more or less 18 years in the music industry and after some good, brutal Death Metal albums, they continue the experimentation of their sound that started with the 1-800 Vindication album in 2004. The only change is the record company, since ILLDISPOSED signed a deal with Massacre Records during the past few months.

As for the experimentation I mentioned earlier, well that's what they say. The only thing I took from To Those Who Walk Behind Us was another album that mixes brutality, melodic parts with some keyboards here and there and some groovy parts. The majority of the compositions are mid-tempo ones with some quicker moments. The voice of Bo is the typical growling one and has nothing that will make it distinct from all the other singers. I could say that with this album they are going even further from their roots and the Death Metal scene in general. I don't know if this is a commercial movement and just try to go with the flow in order to take a piece from the pie, by sounding much more melodic and modern or they just found out that they like to play this kind of music. But, despite the reason of this turn, they have become another band in the pile of melodic Death Metal.

To Those Who Walk Behind Us has some nice production,  the band sounds like they are good players for this genre and I even liked the cover in a way. But those things don't make a good album. You have to give everything to release a good album and not something hackneyed. I respect the bands that are writing music firstly for themselves, but sometimes if you do that, it is better either to make music under another name or, if you do that change just for the money, it is better to look back to your past and you may release a good album.

P.S.: The cover of the 80's band FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS and the samples at the end of Sale At The Misery Factory are at least funny.

5 / 10


"To Those Who Walk Behind Us" Track-listing:

Blood On Your Parade
For The Record
Come And Get Me
Seeking Truth - Telling Lies
Sale At The Misery Factory
To Chose Who Walk Behind Us
If All The World...
My Number Is Expired
This Unscheduled Moment
Nu Gik Det Lige Sa Godt

Illdisposed Lineup:

Bo Summer - Vocals
Jakob Batten - Guitar
Franz Hellboss - Guitar
Jonas Kloge - Bass
Thomas Jensen - Drums

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