Reveal Your Soul for the Dead


Formed in 1991 ILLDISPOSED comes from Aarhus, Denmark and brings to the world their 14th […]
By Quinten Serna
August 6, 2019
Illdisposed - Reveal Your Soul for the Dead album cover

Formed in 1991 ILLDISPOSED comes from Aarhus, Denmark and brings to the world their 14th studio album "Reveal Your Soul for the Dead". Born from the halls of Death Metal and later delving into the more harmonic intricacies of Melodic Death Metal ILLDISOPSED has had a full career of exploring the realms of depravity, hatred, and loss.

The album opens up in an odd but quite interesting manner with the title track being split between two separate tracks; the album commences with the instrumental "Reveal Your Soul..." a intro beginning with slow and drawn out chords before the drums liven up the mix and the guitars work their way into a leading riff which of course segues perfectly into "For the Dead." The song repeats the same motifs though with a much more pronounced rhythm and a vocal accompaniment, a small harmony joins in on guitar near the end of the song just before the outro.

"This is Our Calling for the Dead" has a dynamic range delivered immediately as the song starts commencing with some manner of stadium-or other type of live setting-chant before jumping directly into the tumultuous opus with booming instruments before slowing partially into a leading progression and once again changing as the first verse starts up wherein the rhythm is soon coupled with a leading harmony; the song itself is filled with many different changes and intricacies that bounce back and forth between the soundscapes of slow, heavy, and loud.

One of the most interesting elements of the album is the sheer tenacity and deliver of the vocal performance sounding in parts completely cacophonous yet defined and contained, and throughout the entirety of the album having a pure and utter guttural sound as if the album was recorded at the behest of some malign possession of the singer. The drums are themselves quite impressive and resounding as the delivery is relentless, intricate, and without flaw wherein no hesitation exists within any capacity-some of the key examples being "to Sail You Away" and "What Will I Become?" The production value is remarkable with the instruments being discrete and distinct from one another making it easy to discern how much care and attention was put into both performing and recording the tracks.

ILLDISPOSED is a prolific band with a productive career refusing to back down or take a rest whilst never going more than 3 years at a time without a studio album or some other type of production underneath their name. A band committed to the invidious inclinations of the human spirit "Reveal Your Soul for the Dead" is a strong addition to the band's discography and a welcomed introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the band or the genre.

8 / 10









"Reveal Your Soul for the Dead" Track-listing:

1. Reveal Your Soul...
2. ...for the Dead
3. With Hate
4. This is Our Calling for the Dead
5. What Will I Become
6. We Must Endure
7. To Sail You Away
8. We Are One
9. Drink it All
10. She's Not in Our Way
11. All is Sworn

Illdisposed Lineup:

Kussen Jensen - Bass
Rasmus Schmidt - Drums
Jakob "Batten" Hansen - Guitars
Bo Summer - Vocals

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