It's been a while since I have heard pure Death Metal in it's simplest form. […]
By Jorge Zamudio
October 6, 2019
Ignivomous - Hieroglossia album cover

It's been a while since I have heard pure Death Metal in it's simplest form. Nowadays it seems this genre always comes with something else, like, melody, keys, or something like that. But here, with IGMIVOMOUS, there's no frills. This time it's just pure Death Metal, like the old days. Unfortunately, although I really like that approach,  after a few listens this attempt falls into the clichés that corrode Death Metal.

"Hieroglosssia" is the first track, and with a forceful blast it begins to win you over easily. Fast drums, fast guitars, a really guttural voice, it all seems to good to be true, and it kind of is.  As I was saying previously, it's intriguing factor falls fast; becomes a little bit standard, and ultimately becomes, well, boring.  In many ways it's a return to old MORBID ANGEL, but without the technique or compelling draw. It's lacking in that dynamic more than anything else.

"Thalassophobia" is more of the same. It's a little less fast, and mildly interesting, but after about 15-20 seconds, it becomes just like hearing any other standard death metal track. I know I am getting a little short of words here, but while okay, these songs really don't offer much to discuss.

I could do this with the rest of the album, but let's highlight something here: the band's passion. Look, it's obviously there, and it's something very Death Metal-ish.  You can definitley hear the work and effort the band put in here, and they truly do have some amazing riffs. But ultimately this might be one you can pass on. There's nothing new, or anything that sounds better than what you have already heard before.  It's plain and simple, but don't get me wrong, some of you will love it from the start.  But I really think after a few listens  you will get bored with this. Last point, here we are in 2019. How can you get a production as bad as this one is? There are bands out there with far less potential, getting far better production work .

5 / 10









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"Hieroglossia" Track-listing:

1. Hieroglosssia
2. Circle of Scythes
3. Cloaked in Resplendent Perdition
4. Thalassophobia
5. Shackles of the Demiurge
6. Blood and Mercury
7. Gaunt Redemption Parasite
8. Vitriolic Swarm

Ignivomous Lineup:

Jael Edwards - Vocals
Sean Hinds - Guitars
Chris Jordon - Bass
Chris Broadway - Drums
Lewis Fischer - Guitars

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