Road Of Bones


Traditional Metal? Yes, as sure as you can be 'bout your own existing breath. IGNITOR […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 1, 2007
Ignitor - Road Of Bones album cover

Traditional Metal? Yes, as sure as you can be 'bout your own existing breath. IGNITOR strike with their second full-length, three years after the release of their Take To The Sky self-financed debut EP. Three men and two women; the empire of 80s Metal strikes back, and this time IGNITOR are supported by a record label. Added help...
Does IGNITOR fit the bill? Yes, it does. Even if enemies of the sword will find extra weapons in crying out for the modesty of this kind of Metal music, the truth is that this 4-years-old quintet has enough guts to assemble some mass destruction.
Denim and leather, spikes and chains, endless inspiration from the glorious US Metal days, enough of post-N.O.W.B.H.M. European will and relentless aim for heavy-meets-epic Metal the old fashioned way. If  Take To The Sky was voted as 'Demo Of The Month' in Germany's Rock Hard and magazines, then Road Of Bones can predict a brighter future since... holds a better production, first of all. Do not consider the sound is now polished or lame, no way. Still, it's more clear with equivalent amplitude of all instruments/voices. In addition, the band's experience at Germany's Keep It True festival (late 2005) gave 'em enough of appetite to pen some rather inspiring tunes of steel and glory. Annah Moore steps in - a genuine axewoman! - and her repertoire is obvious throughout the whole album. Along with Stewart Batlord Lawrence, this chemical duo serves dozens of riffing glory, pounding breaks and razorous leads. As for Erika's throat: even if she can take more on persuasive singing, the lady delivers some rather gut-included singing leaving no doubt bout here metallic beliefs.
The tempos are varying, there's countless harmonic leads allover the album, times of epos and 'old Metal' feelings in songs like e.g. Hymn Of Erin, Road Of Bones, March To The Guillotine and God Of Vengeance will please your archetypal Metal needs, no questions asked. No, no innovative or contemporary music included in this album. It could have easily been released in 1985 through some obscure US label, to tell you the truth.
Hence, fans knowing bands like GARGOYLE, OMEN, CHASTAIN, SACRED RITE, CULPRIT, RUTHLESS only by name should keep away. You can't taste the magic of the 80s spirit by IGNITOR alone. You won't get it. On the other hand, if you're still after a 'mint copy' vinyl format of the MEDIEVAL STEEL EP, then this band's for you.

7 / 10


"Road Of Bones" Track-listing:

Death On The Road
Road Of Bones
Scarlet Enigma
March To The Guillotine
Wings Of The Blackheart
Hymn Of Erin
Broken Glass
Castle In The Clouds
God Of Vengeance

Ignitor Lineup:

Batlord (Stewart Lawrence) - Lead Guitar
Erika Swinnich - Vocals
Brendon Bigelow - Bass
Pat Doyle - Drums
Annah Moore - Guitar

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