Los Talker


"Los Talker is a project created by rapper/illustrator Mattia Foresi and IBRIDOMA guitarist Marco Vitali. […]
By Jack Lynch
June 18, 2019
Ibridoma - Los Talker album cover

"Los Talker is a project created by rapper/illustrator Mattia Foresi and IBRIDOMA guitarist Marco Vitali. Along with drummer Mauro Ulag Mancinelli they've woven together a debut EP that is 5 tracks showcasing a deep adherence to 90's era nu-metal. However, unlike the over-the-top brashness of the more mainstream bands of decade's past, LOS TALKER is stripped down in its scope with a stronger focus on the hip hop side of the genre. This works best for the band as the EP falls short of anything eye opening in the arena of metal. The album opens appropriately enough with the title track LOS TALKER, an in-your-face rap skirmish backed by some basic guitar riffing and hip-hop beats. The lyrics take center stage, as the guitars act more as background/white noise. Each verse is spit with speed and plenty of attitude as guns are loaded and fired.  Whether it rhymes or not I'm not sure since I don't understand Italian, but the overall feeling is there.

This contrasts with the next few tracks LA PIAGA DEL DECENNIO and CALINEGRO THRASH, which perhaps sound the most nu-metal. Each track is enveloped in those bouncy, loud but low riffs most familiar to the genre. There is also some occasional shredding that shows its face as well as some record scratches. Overall there is an almost underground, DYI approach to the production that would be respectable if it were intentional. The guitars aren't fully fleshed out and the whole thing feels a bit muted and uninspired. It's because of this you'll often feel there is a tug of war taking place between the foreground and the background, each fighting for your attention, but your brain only you only have so much to offer. Where many nu-metal bands succeed in nailing that sweet spot between the metal and the rap, LOS TALKER (perhaps deliberately) struggles to make it fit.

This isn't to say t there isn't a bright spot with the last track CALINEGRO THRASH, which has some catchy guitar work, verses that flow well, and even some effective growls in the chorus.  The production perhaps shines best here as everything is clean and fleshed out. As I said before the lyrical flow is great, as Mattia Foresi feels the most in command of his style. It's just shame that more of the EP didn't come together the way this final track does.

I wish I had liked this album more, but I couldn't find anything that really got me excited. The song writing and production just aren't enough to keep your attention for very long. If this is nothing more than an artistic experiment for these musicians, then perhaps it succeeds in making a few sparks that can be nurtured and built upon. As a work of street level rap rock there may be some promise but as a metal album there is no flame here. Maybe I just didn't get it, but I'm sure a lot you won't either.

4 / 10

Nothing special








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"Los Talker" Track-listing:

1. Los Talker
2. The Plague of the Decade
3. Lande
4. Drifting
5. Calinegro Thrash

Ibridoma Lineup:

Mattia Foresi - Vocals
Marco Vitali - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mauro Ulag Mancinelli - Drums, Backing Vocals

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