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Ian Gillan's voice can easily be considered as one of the trademarks for (hard) Rock […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 19, 2006
Ian Gillian - Gillian's Inn album cover

Ian Gillan's voice can easily be considered as one of the trademarks for (hard) Rock music, in general. We, humans, easily tend to forget our 'roots', praising our individual - or current - favourite bands/artists while laughing a little bit at the retro or "sell-out behaviour of musicians we owe too much to. Not referring to Ian Gillan's undisputed value, only the fact that he's been singing professionally for 40(!) year now is worth the case, alone.
Most of us have 'attached' Gillan's services to the Deep Purple 'body', especially the MK II era (1969-1973). Still, this charismatic singer/frontman (also an author, a playwright - the original Jesus Christ Superstar - a screenwriter and a songwriter) carried on providing inspiring and powerful music. Forming Ian Gillan Band in 1975 (only 31 years ago...), he then jumped on to (simply) Gillan, with the enrolment of guitar wizard (who remembers this guy?) Bernie Torme in the band's ranks. A dozen of wonderful records came out in less than ten years...
Who recalls Black Sabbath's "Born Again (1983, Vertigo) album? A personal BS fave; take another look at giant cuts like "Zero The Hero, "Digital Bitch or "Trashed and confirm that Ian Gillan can sing anything any way. Furthemore, Deep Purple MK II's 1984 reunion for the recording of the now legendary Perfect Strangers (1984, Polydor) album marked a new series of short-lived eras for him in these 'hard' music pioneers. Pink Floyd's David Gilmour once said that as long as Gillan is singing, Rock n' Roll is not dead. Need to say more?
Celebrating his 40-year-anniversary with his beloved music, Ian invited several of his friends to guest on a "collection album, including Joe Elliot (Def Leppard), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Joe Satriani, Janick Gers (Iron Maiden - an Ian collegue in the early 80s Gillan days), Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions, Electric Sun), Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Ronnie James Dio (Dio, Black Sabbath), Steve Morse, Jeff Healey and the rest of the Deep Purple camp. Produced by Nick Blagona (The Police, Bee Gees, Chicago, Rainbow, Deep Purple), the "Gillan's Inn CD/DVD combo is no less than a 'loaded' release presenting a clear festival of stars recording and jammin' to Gillan "oldies for your ears and eyes.
The CD: fifteen tracks - only one is a newbie, the chill out "No Worries tune - from Gillan's whole career. Not willing - of course - to overcome the originals' quality, Gillan and his friends (see the tracklist above for a who's-on-what) perform on many songs from his solo career while a bunch of Deep Purple classics add up the pleasure. "Trashed - from the Black Sabbath years - and the "I'll be Your Baby Tonight cover dating back to the Episode Six (his pre-Deep Purple band) days sum it up to what we're talkin' about here. A real festival for Ian. No need to judge the performance, believe me...
The DVD: The features are available at the top of this review. Still, it is essential to be mentioned that this Dual Disc's DVD side is lavish. Take a good seat and enjoy the 'gift' at complete liberty. You can hear "Smoke On The Water with you choosing between available guitar solo takes from Joe Satriani, Steve Morse and Jeff Healey. Take a glimpse of Joe Satriani in Deep Purple (in 1994), too; it's a collector's item. Last but not least, enjoy the ""Gillan's Inn making of chapter. It's the 'take a good seat' thing mentioned a few lines above.
Back to earth. This CD/DVD disc has nothing to add in Gillan's fame. It has nothing to do with new music, anyway. However, I think it'll prove to have limitless historical value in the future. You have nothing to lose in prior by getting this release. But - especially if it comes out on a reasonable or 'smart' price - "Gillan's Inn is what we usually refer to as an artist's "must have kit. I hope you have cleared out your releationship with Ian Gillan all these years...

"Gillian's Inn" Track-listing:

Disc 1

Unchain Your Brain (featuring Joe Satriani)
Bluesy Blue Sea (featuring Janick Gers)
Day Late And A Dollar Short (featuring Uli Jon Roth and Ronnie James Dio)
Hang Me Out To Dry (featuring Joe Satriani)
Men Of War (featuring Steve Morse & Johnny Rzeznik)
When A Blind Man Cries (featuring Jeff Healey)
Sugar Plum featuring Roger (Glover & Ian Paice)
Trashed (featuring Tony Iommi, Roger Glover & Ian Paice)
No Worries (featuring Michael Lee Jackson)
Smoke On The Water (featuring Steve Morse, Johnny Rzeznik, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Robby Takac & The Mississauga Singers)
No Laughing In Heaven (featuring Roger Glover & Ian Paice)
Speed King (featuring Joe Satriani)
Borrowed Time (featuring Steve Morris, Steve Morse, & Uli Jon Roth)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (featuring  Joe Elliott)

Disc 2

Smoke On The Water - choose your own mix with your choice of Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Jeff Healey & more
Making of Gillan's Inn video featuring in-the-studio footage of Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Joe Satriani, Ronnie James Dio, Michael Lee & Jeff Healey
Bootleg basement-amateur, audience shot footage lifted from unauthorized bootleg DVD's.  Tracks include Speed King and When A Blind Man Cries by Deep Purple (with Joe Satriani on guitar) from Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium on June 18, 1994.
Hand written song lyrics by Ian Gillan.
Track commentary by Ian Gillan.
Liner notes written by Jeff Miers, Music Critic for The Buffalo News
Witness Protection Program - a selection of never before seen photos featuring the bonus track Can I Get A Witness.
Bonus Track - Demon's Eye featuring Jeff Healey, Jon Lord & Michael Lee
Special DVD Launcher ROM features that enable fans to access another version of Smoke On The Water featuring Steve Morris.
Pre-ripped AAC and WMA files for the unrestricted uploading of personal surround mixes to portable devices from computer ROM drives.

Ian Gillian Lineup:

No Lineup

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