I Killed Everyone

I'm not going to waste mine or the readers of this website's time with a […]
By Joe Reed
September 2, 2013
I Killed Everyone - Necrospire album cover

I'm not going to waste mine or the readers of this website's time with a lengthy tangent about why Deathcore is the most derivative and uninteresting sub-genre arguably in the history of Metal. Such rants by music journalists in the 90s didn't deter COAL CHAMBER from making terrible records, thus I am led to believe my prose (as eloquent as they may be) will be as useless in that regard. I KILLED EVERYONE (someone email Jello Biafra and add this to his "Worst Band Names Ever" list) is a band from the suburbs of Chicago that, despite playing this brand of Deathcore, somehow aren't bored yet.

The first thing that struck me about their recent record "Necrospire" was that the drums are horribly mixed and everything is down  tuned to disguise the weakness of many of these riffs. Like every band in this genre, I KILLED EVERYONE do not play anything that resembles an aggressive tone, they merely drop the tuning so as to make even the most generic open chord sound beefed up, kind of like a midget using stilts to spit in your face. Don't get me wrong, these kids can play their instruments. They just have either the worst taste in music ever or a very lucrative contractual obligation to fulfill.

The track "Necrospire," for example, includes a very interesting time signature change in one of the breaks that resembles MESHUGGAH. Sadly, however, by song's end the same redundancies creep in and all hope is lost. One step forward, twenty steps back. "Grimoire I" and "The Devourer Beyond" resemble the technicality and Death Metal styling of DYING FETUS at times as well and, if the tracks weren't poisoned by the Deathcore virus, I may enjoy spinning some of these songs. "Crucified and Consumed" has a guitar solo that for a moment reminded me that I don't need to blow my brains out and that there is hope for many of these bands, however it wasn't enough to make me fall right back asleep as the song progressed.

This is actually quite fitting, you don't need to be awake to have heard "Necrospire," you've heard it 1,000 times before. 

3 / 10


"Necrospire" Track-listing:

1. A Sanguinary Mass
2. Grimoire I- Evicerated
3. The Devourer Beyond
4. Necrospire
5. Born of the Abattoir
6. State of Filth
7. Crucified and Consumed
8. Antipathy
9. Grimoire II- One With the Voi
10. The Human Error

I Killed Everyone Lineup:

Jason Cardero - Bass
Bill Williams - Guitar
Tom Salazar - Drums
A.J. Kolar - Guitar
Tim O'Brien - Vocals

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