Cold, Dead Hands

I, Destroyer

Thrash/Speed Metal band I, DESTROYER from Providence, Rhode Island, has released their first EP "Cold, […]
By Lesley-Ann Ang
July 12, 2023

Thrash/Speed Metal band I, DESTROYER from Providence, Rhode Island, has released their first EP "Cold, Dead Hands" following a string of demos since 2005. This band is no stranger to the local metal scene, and each member has had their hand in other bands over the years including HAXEN, ASH POOL, WITCH KING, and BLACK SORCERY. As a four-piece, I, DESTROYER has been active since 2003. Not to be mistaken with similarly named I DESTROYER from New York.

As expected of experienced Thrash Metal members, I, DESTROYER's music contains the recognizable fast tempos accompanied by complex guitar riffs and double bass drumming, and they combined it with lead vocalist Barbaroz's deep growls. While this genre has seen a decline in popularity, bands like this keep the sound alive with renewed vigor. The opening track "Oracle" crashes in immediately, followed by "Chained to the Accursed Graves" which has a quiet intro before falling into the opening guitar solo. Over the course of I, DESTROYER's tenure, they have released demos, but "Cold, Dead Hands" contains the longest running songs they've worked on since. Their music is very dynamic, nearing on death metal. The pace of the album allows for no time to slow down, and listeners can expect nonstop high energy sounds. Of the underground metal bands that are beginning to rise, I, DESTROYER reminds me of the bands coming out of Sweden where the death metal genre is practically housed and continues its ascent. The very brief slow-down in tempo during "Prophecies of Final War" was a pleasant surprise. And despite the track being called "Speed Kills," there is another short prelude before we're led into the hastened tempo and a very melodic guitar solo.

There's no shortage of talent in I, DESTROYER. And while thrash metal has yet to re-enter the mainstream flow of the many metal subgenres, bands like this continue to produce music that reflects the many recognizable bands that contributed to the name since the 1970s. The band unfortunately is not very active on social media, but the Metal community would have a fun go at reviewing this EP. I, DESTROYER has started to perform this past summer and will hopefully see more opportunities as Metal and Rock festivals continue to grow in capacity due to the demand. Now that "Cold, Dead Hands" has met the ears of reviewers, I hope we can see more of them. 

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Cold, Dead Hands" Track-listing:

1. Oracle
2. Chained to the Accursed Graves
3. Total Vengeance
4. Prophecies of Final War
5. Speed Kills
6. Strike

I, Destroyer Lineup:

Barbaroz - Guitar/Vocal
Poisin - Bass
Tormentum - Guitar
Wraitheon - Drums

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