HYPOTHERMIA is a three-piece Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The topics of HYPOTHERMIA largely […]
By Chelsea Jennings
April 26, 2015
Hypothermia - Svartkonst album cover

HYPOTHERMIA is a three-piece Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The topics of HYPOTHERMIA largely writes dark and negative as is customary in black metal. The musical style matches the lyrics. HYPOTHERMIA was formed in 2001, and are now offering up their latest 5-track release titled "Svartkonst".

All five tracks on the latest HYPOTHERMIA release begin with slow guitars before adding in drums. Some songs pick up in the middle before slowing down at the end again. From the introduction track "Invokation" to the ending track "Vy", and all the tracks in between seem to follow this exact same layout. There are no differentiations between the tracks on this release. There are no lyrics or vocals either, as the entire track is all musical.

After listening to the album it felt like someone had played the same song over five times, and given the same track five different titles. There is no variation to the entire album which makes HYPOTHERMIA's latest release a bland, boring listen. The lack of personality, and variety, on this album is a real turn-off to listeners. The music is quiet and melancholy at most points, which makes the music seem the opposite of Black Metal. It's more mellow and quiet than heavy, negative, and dark. It is hard to find the motivation behind calling the latest HYPOTHERMIA release a Black Metal. Much of the music also comes off as loud and noisy as it seems there are too many instruments competing to be heard, especially songs having multiple guitars dueling for the spotlight. It makes certain parts of the album almost a headache to listen to, rather than a pleasure.

Furthermore, there are no lyrics, so the lyrics or vocals on this album are clearly not dark or negative.

With all the songs sounding the same, and with there being no lyrics to make the music dark or negative, it makes it hard to see how this is a Black Metal band. The same-ness and the noisy guitar parts make the music hard to enjoy. The lack of lyrics and vocals make the release lose the metal feel that otherwise would be present. It's a quiet, mellow album rather than something dark, heavy, and aggressive as black metal should be.

The entire thing seems to be a complete oxymoron to the black metal HYPOTHERMIA claims to play. This is not a highlight release from the band. Fans can hope to hear more off of the next album.

4 / 10

Nothing special

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"Svartkonst" Track-listing:

1. Invokation
2. Svartonsk
3. Efterglo*d
4, Regnvais
5. Vy

Hypothermia Lineup:

Kim Carlsson - Vocals & Guitars
Hans Cools - Guitars
Richard Abrams - Drums

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